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  • You've been taking on like all the new acolytes lately I see :P Praz Is availible for "model student" demonstrations X)
    Oh yeah, one last thing. Could you perhaps mention that there may be a Jedi knight on Tatooine that the Imperium needs dead at the end of our training thread?
    Thanks for the help, it sound like I'm gonna be with about 5 bounty hunters. The plan is the knight fighting all six opponents and Teran will be able to psychologically get under his skin and do some damage. That should go alright and Teran will probably be able to come out of it with a nice scar or something.
    Hey Vexillar, I've been invited to have Teran in a roleplay that introduces a Jedi into the order involving an NPC jedi knight. Mr.BossMan wants Teran to kill the NPC Jedi knight and I've said it'd have to be when he had his back turned or something. Is that a plausible thing to do or should I get someone else to kill the Knight?
    Were you planning on doing several threads for different force powers, or just the one for all of them. I think Teran is going to learn Ataru once he's learned force jump too.
    Posted in Arabanth. Sorry if it ends a bit abruptly, wasn't quite sure where to go with it after that.
    nah- fireball is just being vague again. Could be a laser/cannon from a ship; missile... ect.
    1st message: Emotional cutscene between albino manchild and Miralukan master of manslaughter for episode IX confirmed

    2nd: And sure! We must escalate the feelz!
    Hey, just want to thank you for helping to bring Ark back into the world of SWRP. I left my post a bit vague. I don't know how much time you want to spend on the thread, so I left an option to be temporarily stranded on the planet and to act like it is a mission, or to jump to the end and say that you brought Ark back to civilization right away. either way I'm cool, but obviously it would be more fun to create a mission out of this ;)
    hey im gonna try to get the riots cooking again. do you care where my next post takes it? probably just start the riots again with more people or something
    Probably a stupid question, but in the training thread... would Alaisia attack the Crusader with her lightsaber? I don't really see her as a 'my fist is my weapon' kind of duck
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