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  • Tah for the comments on Saul. I'm my own worst critic and a major perfectionist (I drive Livu mad with it), so it's revealing hearing from writers like you and Bee that it's up to scratch. Cheers.

    I'd be more than happy to thread with a character of yours some time.
    You should sign up for one of the "training" threads I'm going to be running with Seamus. Valin and Seamus will get along much better than he did with El Massive Pricklepuss Joseph.
    Hah. Yeah, it's so hard to write the internal snark and not put quotes around it. Also I'm scheming in the checkout line. Did you still want Val to be a spy at some point?
    I want a high school AU where our characters are basically Daria and Jane.
    Boop. Lucid prodded me to respond again. Wasn't sure you'd have a lot to reply to since it's the 'grown ups' talking, but I think there's more to go on now.
    I think you're okay. I'm not offended and um, it's my VM wall? You could put it behind a link or something, but I don't think it's worth the effort.

    Your reply is great. I'm looking forward to the pair of them having a chat about what the eff happened. For fragments, I was thinking she'd give him a "homework" assignment and we could close the thread after that, but that's probably a few posts away.
    I thought i wrote in my turn that Joe let Valin go but just stayed close.
    I am super awful. Srs.

    Well I think Lucid spilled the beans, but still.
    I promise I'll reply to our thread today. I'm the worst.

    Also you're gonna get a surprise soon.
    Lol don't worry, if you haven't seen my wall here I tend to need a swift kick in the ass every once in awhile to remind me to do things. :P
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