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  • I don't want to incriminate Raith in any way. So he is "Crusader V" :P

    Also, how do you upload pictures. I have something I want to show you.
    Ikr XD

    I'll see ya later m8, and i'll have a post up for arabanth tomorrow!
    But it's already too late...because, in truth...I AM the crazy guy... And you are phone...

    He's a crazy fool? Aw that must mean Canada won't nuke the earth and there aren't any tiny aliens living in trees...

    My world has been flipped upside down
    I think that one guy you see on the streets in every city that tries to get you believe the Apocalypse will be happening tomorrow. XD
    Well y'know, as they say, nothing is stronger than the impromptu friendship between two overgrown mutants of the darkness that unflinchingly serve masters who also sort of have a thing.

    I think.
    I haven't exactly put him in any threads recently because I couldn't exactly see him on a mission with Dawn yet since he treats him like a baby. I mean, would you take your cat into a warzone? XD

    But I wanna have Sol grow up into like an oversized lynx or something for the lulz. Have Dawn ride his magnificent cat-steed into battle.
    If I could give Dawn an uber-cute pleading kitty face to match what he was saying...I undoubtedly would. XD
    Sounds good! Yeah no worries. That's a bummer to be stuck on a phone. I'll link it when its up!
    I'd love to do that. Javik is a good duelist/fighter but he lacks in his deeper understanding of the force. Idk how busy you are but I could probably get the thread up as soon as later today if you wanted. Just let me know. :)
    The class thing is a bit of a drudge. Hence when Virion makes Crusader I play to try and get at least one apprentice and try to avoid class room teaching.
    Huh? You mean Cristo or what do mean you're making a new character for the IAF. Sorry I'm confused.
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