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  • Oh you're back? For sure man! I will get a post up here tomorrow. Good to see you again.
    I read the post and it was cool. Cristo thought everyone in postion since he heard mostly acknowledgment on the comms and assume Praz would be fast enough to take care of the two guards as a Sith when he unleashed the grenade attack.
    Cristo likely stay on the loyalist camp as an act until he finally decides he had enough. He won't join the Coterie though, two sides of the same coin in his point of view. I'm still trying to decide whether to kill him off in the civil war or not.
    Now that you mention it I hadn't see V here on the site for sometime. I hope he's okay. As for the Imperial Civil War I'm trying figure what Cristo will do in that situation too. So far he still pretending to be a loyal solider in the loyalist camp. But I'm thinking he going to make a major decision at the end of Civil War that will lead to either his death or defection.
    Yea I can understand that man. If you were wondering I finally posted the slaver raid story. We're in the action part of now haha!
    I think I do remember something about him being a less than spectacular Saber-ist.
    I don't know if he'll become that corrupted but he'll certainly be a different person. On the outside at least. Maybe Praz will be a crusader by then?
    That's always fun to flesh out. Post is up. Wrote it fairly fast, which can be a bad thing, but I think I got what I wanted out of it. Caden's a better guy here, sort of, so he wasn't going to attack Kai but definitely be pissed off.
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