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  • I haven't forgotten, just I've been busy physically and emotionally. I didn't mean to hold you up, just I was or maybe still am in a sort of mental state where it's difficult for me to write in my leisure. I've been really drained is all. I apologize for keeping you waiting on it, but I should be ready to start up with it again soon.
    Sorry I'm falling behind here, I wanna toss you a little gear but I gotta skim through the tech list and see what will ok.
    This girl needs a pic or at the very least a reasonable description.
    Yeah. Sin said he took his down. So yours just needs to be edited actually, to reflect whatever it is Alaisia will be doing to aid Eezeo and junk.
    Drop a post in the long hunt when you can. Sin never posted so my attack was an autohit. So it's your turn again =3
    Zonju V is where Axe is at. You could send a message from the spaceport or something. It's a planet far edge of the outer rim control almost entirely by the Hutt Cartel. You can look it up in the Hutt data base in the factions. You can keep the gun but I also have other plans for her. I have a plan for Axe down the road to do some other things on Zonju once Starburns and Kyzer get the Faction edits done. I'm hoping you use you as a Cartel alley down the road so I want to build a bit of a story for that before we head to the mission. I'll get her some guns and gear, won't be top notch like Axe but it get the ball rolling
    Just a couple things. 1, I've seen some of you're work with V so I know you can post better then that. 2, I'm still on Zonju and it's my mission so you can't just jump the gun on me, that's mean. Also far as I know you have no gear or weapons to speak of so we need to get you set up (kinda why I wanted to meet on another planet before jumping into the mission)
    Just a little helpful advise, your post is the last one. There's nothing for me after you snap his neck so you should add a little more flavor to bring to to a better close. For instance, could of added a bit more detail to neck snapping just for color. Also you'll "want" something to take as prof of the kill so. Take something, like pull a datapad and take a holo-pic of the corps, or take his tail....if they have them I didnt check wiki. Now you have a little tidbit to post for the bounty acquisition board.
    First one is always easy. Pop that cherry, when you're ready to play with something a little harder let me know and Axe will be happy to hit on you while stacking up the body count. Oh and if you are interested I'm going to ask Starburns of I can re-start the End of Pykes mission sense everyone bailed on me before I could even get the thing off and running.
    If she does he'll eat ice cream for months. It'll be like a bad episode of any lifetime original.
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