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    I'm sorry. I got wrapped up in my IRL business. Making an animated series.

    I'm sorry. I got wrapped up in my IRL business. Making an animated series.
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    To use the Force

    He loved this place. He hated this place. It was paradise within Hell. It was perfection marred by flaws. This was a place unbound by silly people pretending. No. Everyone knew how everyone here operated. That was what made this place so charming. The overwhelming pain and suffering of this...
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    (OPEN)Hate That Voodoo You Do So Well

    Living among Sith one would except that Raith almost never had to deal with these kinds of questions. Wrong. It was the most common conversation he had in those halls. Miraluka were not a secretive people, but they didn't exactly like the ides of leaving home. As a result many people only knew...
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    Mission to the Corden Vencu

    Raith didn't believe in wasted opportunities. This woman may not be able to open any doors for them in the Imperium, but there was only one way to find out for sure. Raith threw his mental powers at her, pushing hard to break her down, flooding her with the illusion of an explosion right next to...
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    Oh. Yeah I missed it. Sorry!! Thank ya.

    Oh. Yeah I missed it. Sorry!! Thank ya.
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    Basically Basics

    "Let this be your first lesson. Never draw your weapon, unless instructed, upon entering a room, unless you're planning on killing something inside. Put that away. You're far from ready to throw that around." He stopped his training and looked over the Acolyte. He was a piece of work, for sure...
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    Empowered by Passion

    He was about to comment more on the Force when he asked about the dead. He was silent for a moment. Fools engaged with the dead before this time. Would this Acolyte? Could Raith give him the information he wanted? It was a gamble, but... "Communication with the dead is...possible. Technically...
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    To Catch a Tuk'ata

    Again he dismissed the staff comment. Even if he could have brought it he wouldn't. He was an Arcanist, not an errand boy. "You push the Force, Acolyte. Pushing uses up far too much energy. It requires you to forcefully direct the flow of the Force, rushing it from outside to within. That will...
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    Speak No Evil

    He pursed his lips and tapped them gently in thought. With a wave of his hand he projected an illusion of a table in the middle of the room with several vials of liquids on it. Each one a different color. Each one of those are a poison that disrupts neuro pathways in the brain. They do it...
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    Dark Corners

    The Sith Arcanist tilted his head and pursed his lips slightly. Silently he lashed out, throwing his mental self at the woman, unless she had some hidden mastery of shielding her mind, it would be an easy intrusion for Raith. If it was successful he would, painfully, draw out the whatever fear...
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    Center of Madness

    Raith could feel the attempted intrusion like a giant feels a gnat. It was bothersome to feel, but so very far from threatening. He nodded and pushed Virion's presence out of his mind. "There are a multitude of ways to protect your mind. This is simply the most basic and quickest way. It...
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    (OPEN)Hate That Voodoo You Do So Well

    He looked over at the man who approached him. With a small bow of his head he introduced himself. "Well I'm not yet a Trooper. Soon enough though. I hope...Oh my name is Raith. Raith Vi'kaar. And yes. I can see." He offered a friendly smile and extended his hand. He then quickly withdrew it and...
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    A Canted Circle

    Change? Inevitable. It was happening. Nobody could stop it. It was in the wind, it was in the seas, it was the galaxy. Change wasn't just happening now, but it happened before, it would happen now, and it would happen again. The readiness was all. That's all that mattered. How prepared you were...
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    Haha. You're fine. I've seen people do it in one post. I just throw in added obstacles. =D Part...

    Haha. You're fine. I've seen people do it in one post. I just throw in added obstacles. =D Part of teaching. Lol.
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