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  • Nom...cookies...

    I noticed the thread earlier and I'll help out if possible XD. I'm doing a lot of stuff currently though, and I'm trying to cut down.

    Oh, I'll try and get the Debate thread moving again by tomorrow, sorry for the delay, just thought Kes was going to post but he sort of disappeared <_<
    Force Slow would be cool, it's similar to Force Reflex... One of my favorite Force Powers.

    I'm down for whatever. If you start a thread and link me. I'll be there.
    Anything really, just wanting to get a thread going with him as he is just sitting stagnant right now.
    Sorry for taking so long in posting but its up now. I think by Sunday I'll be more available to respond in better timing.
    hello. you mentioned in my thread that you wanted a partnership. What did you have in mind?
    Hey, just wanted to apologize for my sporadic activity. I'll be continuing our mission ASAP! Thanks for sticking with me. :)
    Hey, just so you know, I know I kinda left you off in the mission with not too much to go on. It's up to you whether or not you want us to run into a sentry, a patrol, or just react to Nox's behavior and words. Cheers!
    Just a suggestion, but you might want to put your character's name into your signature, linked, so that it is easier for others to find. ;)
    Congratulations on Viole Nivar's acceptance into the Sith! If it interests you, I have "Core" classes that could help train your character up that can be found -here-. Otherwise, let me know if there's anything else I can do for you or offer for your character! I'm open to requests. :)
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