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  • I'm really, really sorry about the ludicrous wait for my post. But I finally got it up in the Restorative Pain thread!!
    Where in the world is his actual character page? I realized I do not know the character beyond "V" and was attempting to read about him.
    Sorry, haven't exactly been keeping up as well as I should XD.

    Also concerning skirmish, have BN and mr_whatever_random_letters/numbers_that_dude_has_in_his_name dropped out?
    Were you planning on the cave in reaping sleep going straight down or sort of coiling downwards? Just so I know for future reference.
    I have no idea if this will come up but how is Javik supposed to address V if he does? what do people usually call him/how does he usually introduce himself to acolytes?
    So, just letting you know that Ras is joining into the thread; He'll be helping to develop a story as to where Ark had been for so long (I won't give out any spoilers, but if you're really curious, we've been talking via VMs). I know it hasn't been up for very long and that you have a TON of classes and such things to deal with, so if you want Ras and I to take over the thread, you can invent a way to let yourself out of the thread, and we can take over. Otherwise, I'll just assume that you're working on a post somewhere in there. Hopefully Ras will be able to make your next post easier instead of guessing what I'm talking about by saying "fireball." ;)
    Ah yes, sorry. Busy weekend, sister's graduation. I'll get a post up sometime tomorrow though! :D
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