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Virgillia 7
108 ABY
27 standard years*

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1.8 meters
80 kilograms


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Saul Devan

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Saul Devan, a Jedi active during the Legacies Era, was never one to sit idle. Though early life on Virgillia could be hard, such trials only prepared him for a place in the Jedi Order. A long running anti-authoritarian streak left him a little bit of a firebrand at times, but also brought his eye to injustice when he saw it. And in a galaxy like this one, Saul saw it everywhere.



The people of Virgillia, few though they were, had held themselves firmly to the New Republic after the fall of the Galactic Empire, and so were ever wary of the risk of giving themselves over to darkness and ending up as broken as the Imperial ruins that scattered their world. Saul has been no different.

And indeed a wandering eye kept a lookout for darkness in any location, any person, leaving a man who consistently questioned, poked and prodded all in his life. It was that strain that left Saul wary of authority even in his younger days, leaving often an outsider to the politics and persons around him until he felt ready to trust.

Sauls childhood was mostly uneventful beyond the strains of learning and relationships that characterised any young persons growth, and the hunting and land work that was a staple in any life on Virgillia. It left him with enough skills to rely on himself in times of need, and a community to return to if needed, even if he wasn’t always keen to be among them himself.

The discovery of his Force sensitivity took many years to fully manifest. Odd events that could not be explained, instincts that offered the right way, dreams of far off places in time and space. Such circumstances fed his curiousity, always another mystery to be solved, another sign to be interpreted. Many journeys across the planet and even into the stars to satiate himself, and try to understand such things.

It was only when in the hands of a Jedi that such matters began to come clear.

Not until his late teens was he finally identified, the extent of his connection made known to himself, and seen finally for what it was. It gave him a way off world as well, and into a galaxy far more vast than the world he had called home. There was a chance to explore, to see, and keep questioning what the galaxy had to offer.

But his first real test came on the planet Ifrane, as part of an expedition to find the ancient Holocron of Master Wyck. The planet though was a deathtrap, and Saul soon came face to face with what that meant. Burnt and scarred, Saul's will would be tested after suffering so. Though he struggled alongside his allies till the end, he required extensive cybernetics while his body healed, if it would at all.

However, his story spread to others, and soon he and an ally, Ky, were called before the Council to present their evidence of the rising darkness.

Personality and traits

Confident and capable, Saul’s younger years kept him hard at work, life on Virgillia never easy. It left him unafraid of stepping forward to act, and ready to undertake things under his own steam.

His curiousity had begun on trying to understand himself, but grew to a more general seeking to question the way things were. It left him often at odds with structures of power and authority, skeptical of their own claims until he could verify such for himself. Not an easy thing to feel when undertaking Jedi training, but his own curiousity meant he would teach himself much when he found others could not, or he did not trust them to.

Such worries did not necessarily leave him brash or irritable, but similar traits could be present when he cannot get a handle on someone or something, but he will act to find information when needed.

A sense of justice too fell from this, not accepting things had to be the way they were, or came about the way they said they had. It meant the questioning of larger stories, and the gumption to go out and try and see if it held up to reality. All that was left was to try and build a better one when it didn’t.

Powers and abilities

While still early in his Jedi training, Saul has picked up the skills all Jedi Knights do in their younger years. Saul often taught himself through many late night practice sessions when he could not understand his masters teachings. It was through this he developed his array of abilities, and kept pace with others even when he felt puzzled, or questioned their methods.

  • Curiousity: One incapable of sitting idle, Sauls curiousity is something that runs both his mind and his hands, keeping him moving through thoughts and options on a regular basis.
  • Lightsaber Combat:A basis for any Jedi’s training was the use of a lightsaber. Sauls own proficiency with the weapon of the Order was something built over time, and ready at a moments notice.
    • Niman: The Jedi’s preferred form of combat, Saul gravitated to it as it pulled from so many areas, and allowed him breadth, even his on particular interests could be absorbed under its banner.
  • Force Manipulation: Only through training and practice had Saul taken control of his Force sensitivity, in charge of it rather than it leading him. Though still it did that at times, now as an ally than a power he could not control. Energy manipulation had become effective and regular, as it was for any Jedi, though still images haunted him, the possibility of foresight real, but terrible.
  • Hunting: An early life on Virgillia meant he had learnt many great skills of simpler times. Tracking, hunting, riding, all were in the wheelhouse. None would say he was a master, but he knew his watch around each.
  • Stubborn: Not always considered a skill, but in the context of resisting the dark side, and holding true to ones on morals, stubbornness could be quite useful. So it had been for Saul, but it had yet to be tested by true Darkness.
  • Instincts: The first inklings of Sauls Force sensitivity came from his instincts. Always sharp to what was happening, a gut reaction that put him on the right path. They were strong things, and Saul followed them.

The Jedi Order established by Rey Skywalker has changed much from the older days. Family and emotions are core parts of a Jedi’s understanding of the world and the Force. It allowed him to keep his home with him, though his own predilections and their generally spartan culture meant he had little to bring with him. Having constructed his lightsaber (two phase, yellow), Saul kept his own simple robes, patterned with traditional Virgillian design influences for general wear, and a set of lightweight armour should the need for it ever arise. Equally he wears small ear studs of a design native to Virgillia, a reminder of his home planet and the trials that brought him here. Otherwise Saul maintains a T-70 X-wing Starfighter, Virgil 7, as his personal ship.


Chapter 1 - A Second Nature
Chasm of Screams - Hunter and hunted
__2. Emotion, Yet Peace - Lost on Ifrane, with only the Force to guide
__3. Ignorance, yet Knowledge - Onwards and Upwards
__4. Weak Heart - Return to duty, though not all is as it was
__5. Dark Wings, Dark Words - A chance for action
__6. Search and Rescue - Remembering what its like to need help
__7. Whispers of Darkness - Pleading with the Council
__8. Remnants of Violence - An investigation on Ukio
__9. Signal Scramblers - Cutting Comms on Yavin 4
__10. Below the Great Giant - Starfighters scream on Yavin 4
__11. Déjà Vu - Saving a few friends
__12. Reading Between the Lines - Deciphering their next lead
__13. Black Tidings - Sharing dire knowledge
__14. Where the Iron is Hottest - Fire and Fear

Chapter 2 - How Things Change

__15. Addressing the Record - Law and the Order
__16. More Precious Than Gold - An illness on Chandrila
__17. Calamity - Ren and Rangers
__18. Third Encounters of the Close Kind - Crime Never Sleeps
__19. Epilogue to a Calamity - Explain Yourself.
__20. Attack on Coruscant Prison - A Life Lived in Fire.


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* Date may not match up with her age given changes in site time.

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Heya @Nightfall there are a couple of points to go over with the character profile.

Firstly, there isn't an indigenous population of Kef Bir. The horse riders under Jannah were the 70 First Order stormtroopers in her garrison that rebelled against their command. They were trapped there following their mutiny and, presumably, after the Battle of Exogol they did not return. I do like the idea of the simple but hard life and think you could find several planets that may fit the bill in the Outer Rim. With a Force Tradition, you may also want to consider Kiffu/Kiffex.

Secondly, under powers and abilities, you have a few sentence fragments that you will want to clear up for clarity. I have quoted them here below.

Still early in his Jedi training, Saul has picked up the skills any Jedi Knight is Raif tri n their younger years. Of self taught, as was the case with him, and many late night practice sessions when he could not understand his masters teachings.

Thirdly, under the Possessions section, you make mention of Jedi not being allowed to keep possessions when they join the Order. While these sorts of rules on attachment were the norm in the Jedi Order of the Old Republic prior to the Clone Wars, under the new Order tenets attachment is not discouraged in the same way. I would recommend reviewing the Jedi write up again to get a firmer idea of their beliefs toward emotions and familial relationship and follow that to the logical extension regarding personal effects.

Over all the themes of the character are very interesting, I think you just need to rework the specifics. Please tag me when changes have been made and I will be able to review them.


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You might also wanna resize that image as it's totally breaking the original template's aesthetic. Huge image, tiny text.


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Thanks both of you! Must have missed those changes when I read the write up, and the sizing I think happened in the transition, didn’t notice it on my phone.


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Heya @Rom! Think that should be tidied now and ready for review, thanks for the suggestions. I swapped the homeworld to Virgillia 7. There’s a little legends info on it that lines up nicely with what I pictured, so hopefully it fits! Thanks for the help on both my characters. I’ll resize the image when I’ve got access to a desktop.
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