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Oct 28, 2019
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NAME: Magos Otahn
FACTION: Eternal Sith
RANK: Guardian
SPECIES: Otolla Gungan
AGE: 37
HEIGHT: 1.8 Meters
WEIGHT: 80 Kilograms

Grey skinned Otolla Gungan, with relatively small ear flaps, well muscled, typical dark side eyes. He frequently wears dark robes ended in ancient sith patterns along the hemmed edges.

Among Magos Otahn’s strengths include his vast knowledge of Sith lore and history. This is aided by a gifted memory. He is also quite dexterous and precise with his hands, a talent he uses to surprise enemies who assume he is as clumsy as his race's stereotype would imply. That stereotype however has also gotten in the ways of his standing and respect amoung the Guardians. Among his weaknesses are a blown out ankle on his left foot. He has grown accustomed to walking and even dueling on it, but he is unable to run without extreme pain. He keeps this wound hidden, as a well placed kick to the shin could easily disarm and send him prone. He does however occassionally add pressure to it, using the pain to fuel his connection to the dark side, Another weakness he bears is his amphibious nature. He does poorly on cold or arid worlds, a common trait of many old Sith strongholds such as Korriban or Zoist.

Magos is very much not the stereotype borne by his race. He has a rather serious attitude and is very studious. He regards the Sith as worthy of worship, and is very devout in his personal piety toward them. He has overcome the Gungan Basic pigdin of his youth, but will slip occasionally into it if strongly emotional. Magos is known become irate if jokes are made at the expense of his race's stereotypes. to counteract this, he speaks in a very refined, upper class manner, which some find quite jarring coming out of the bill of a Gungan. He views Jedi as lost brothers and would be willing to work with one of they shared a common goal. This is largely because he does not view the dark side as evil. He would like to think that he is doing good by his actions, and prefers not to kill those who are "innocents" rather he sees his role as a predator of those who hunt them. MAgos is a predator sure, but he believes strongly in fair game. This is so long as those "innocents" at least attempt to defend themselves as well.

Born in the underwater city of Otoh Gunga on Naboo, Magos was the son of a fortune teller by the name of Toma. She served the bosses of the city as a numerologist, ascertaining the fates and significance of her employers based on numbers. Magos followed in his mothers lead and was taught the Force given meaning behind dates, amounts and values.

He and his mother would often travel through the planet to Theed to buy holobooks and meet with their Naboo contemporaries. On one such trip he was left to explore the city as his mother met with the current queen. In a garden outside of a large manor he made an acquaintance. This individual was a Guardian of the Eternal, traveling to Theed in order to pay homage to the home of the last Sith, Darth Sidious. The sage, realising that Magos was at least partially force sensitive, invited him to meet his other "friends". He gradually ws drawn into the Guardians, and with the year he was convinced to join them. He killed a corrupt Crime Boss of a neighboribg city, and fled the system.

Since joining the Guardians he has become very involved in scouting, excavating and preserving Sith ruins. He uses his knowledge of Sith numerology to better understand these structures. He also still maintains an identity on Naboo as a Theedside Fortune Teller, using a combination of psychometry and Chandrillan Numerology to ascertain the "values" of his clients. He has become somewhat popular within the Queen's Court for this, allowing him to occasionally operate without charge, drawing in more potential fellow force sensitives.

  • Multilingual: Basic, Gungan Basic, Old Gungan, Ancient Sith, Huttese
  • Makashi Saber Fencing: Otahn weilds a curved hilted lightsaber, recovered from an ancient acolytes tomb. He is adept at the dueling style of Makashi perfected by Sith such as Darth Tyrannus. He has however modified it to require less foot work as per his leg injury. Thus, his greatest weakness in a duel is his tendency to plant his feet, somewhat antithetical to the style of Form II. To make up for this he has studied Forms I and III, but to a much lesser extent.
  • Capable Pilot: Behind the stick of his TIE/RG Starfighter Magos can easily defend himself and pull off evasive maneuvers. Against a trained military pilot he would be best off disengaging.
  • Skilled Force Techniques: Pyschometry, Telekinesis, Mental Manipulation, Force Sense, Force Illness
  • Numerology: Magos began by studying Chandrillan Numerology, and upon joining the Guardians he has begun studying Ancient Sith Numerology. Whether or not the Force really acts in this way, he has devoted himself to the art, allowing him to understand the significance of such values in the Ancient Sith sites he explores.
  • Decent Mechanic: Malos can fix his ship and keep it flight worthy but he will likely rely on his droid to him him. If worse came to worse he might be able to get somewhere.


Curved Hilt Lightsaber - Red Blade

DTX-1977 Informaster Datapad

StarX "Yellow Box"


BG-7G, a red Astromech Droid usually found within the Ranger. Dull and Docile in temperament, Magos none the less has a rather tight bond with it.

TIE/RG Ranger. A stock TIE, Malos uses it as intended as he is often on long distance missions far from civilization.

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Haha, I thought I'd never see the day X3 He seems pretty cool, though, and I like the serious tone you're taking. The only thing of note is that as long as you stick to how the Force Powers work in their writeups for the ones you listed, everything should be fine. With that, this has my...