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Dec 22, 2017
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Free use.

Pan-Galactic Power Products.

Personal navigation system.
Rechargeable power cell.

  • Subspace position finder.
  • 3D compass.



The Personav is a portable surface navigation system produced by Pan-Galactic Power Products, an aging but still monolithic manufacturing firm which produces everything from starships to kitchen implements. One of its more popular, indeed ubiquitous products, the Personav is a common sight across the Galaxy, especially on heavily urbanized worlds where navigation using physical maps or dead reckoning is difficult.

The Personav is a simple device, incorporating a subspace position finder which uses triangulation of subspace signals to intuit the user's location on a planetary surface. The device can be set to make use of dedicated satellite navigation systems, or to use a "dead reckoning" system which triangulates terrestrial signal sources; this latter system is considered far less reliable and accurate, however, and relies on whatever signals it picks up incorporating legible metadata giving the transmitter's physical location. The Personav also incorporates a simple 3D compass, which indicates north, south, east and west, as well as up and down. On completely undeveloped worlds, where no communications network exists, the Personav's navigational abilities are completely nonfunctional, although the 3D compass may continue to work, as it is not reliant on subspace signals to work.

To indicate position, the Personav is equipped with a video screen capable of displaying maps, either downloaded from the local network or updated manually by the user. The Personav can be programmed to plot a route to a given destination, although many users find it notoriously unreliable in anticipating things like traffic, construction detours and other delays.

The Personav is an almost ubiquitous item on many urbanized worlds, used by vehicle drivers and pedestrians alike to navigate the confusing warrens of large, multi-level cities. On worlds with a robust communications infrastructure, Personavs are usually considered reliable, however less developed planets - such as many of those on the Outer Rim - which do not have a well-established infrastructure render the system unreliable, if not unusable.

Worlds with a large influx of tourists will often provide Personav units free of charge to travelers, often branded by a planetary government or private interest. These units will often be pre-loaded with various information packs, and may include map markers for local dining, shopping, lodgings and landmarks.

Legal. People need a way to find their way around.

To create a personal navigation device for players to use, inspired by the Spot-On Locator of Legends canon.
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