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Dec 22, 2017
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Pan-Galactic Power Products.

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High-impact plastoid.

The DTX-1977 InforMaster is a portable datapad produced by Pan-Galactic Power Products, an aging but still monolithic manufacturing firm which produces everything from starships to kitchen implements. One of its more popular, indeed ubiquitous products, the InforMaster series is a common sight across the Galaxy, especially in corporate or governmental office environments where low cost and functionality trump form. To this end, the DTX-1977 costs about 50 credits, and incorporates all the basic features expected of any datapad.

The InforMaster was designed to be tough as well as functional. Its high-impact plastoid casing allows the device to resist damage from rough treatment, either by careless handling or the aggression of frustrated office workers; advertising brags that it can survive a fall onto duracrete from up to 10 meters up in standard gravity. The casing material - normally used in industrial applications - is thickly molded and indeed resists damage very well, although it is not considered at all stylish or refined.

Inside, the InforMaster is about as basic as datapads get. As with most such devices, it incorporates a large portrait holoscreen of middling resolution; standard consumer models use a color display, but budget models - such as those used by large corporations and governments, who often order in bulk - use a cheaper, simpler amber monochrome screen, optimized for text and simple images. Data can be read off of or recorded onto the limited internal memory, or a removable datacard can be utilized via the integrated reader socket. A direct link to an external computer network, system or other device can be established with the use of the InforMaster's standard I/O socket. Audio data can be ingested for transmission or recording via an integrated microphone, although the InforMaster does not possess any wireless capabilities, so any transmissions would have to be sent through a physical connection.

The InforMaster's user interface primarily consists of a resistive touch membrane overlaid on the holoscreen, optimized for use with a stylus. Such a stylus comes bundled with the datapad, and can be stored in a special recess on the device. This accessory is easy to lose if the user is not conscientious about returning it to its proper place after use, or takes other precautions, such as a tether connecting the stylus to the device, itself a common 3rd-party accessory. If the stylus is still lost, a backup is provided in the form of a slower - though arguably more accurate - on-screen cursor, which is controlled by a built-in trackball. Other buttons below the datapad's viewscreen can be used to perform common actions, or programmed to the specifications of the user.

The InforMaster's onboard computational power is middling to below average. Suited mainly to the tasks demanded by offices and other such environments, it is not well equipped to run high-end hologames or match wits with the security of powerful computer systems at the behest of slicers. What it does, however, it does well, and it has become a staple of information collection, handling and viewing across the Galaxy.

Legal. It's just a datapad.

To create a standard representation of a datapad.
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