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Jan 3, 2017
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Atuu Skirata


► 25​
► Human​
► 5'10" (178cm)​
► 170lbs (77kg)​
► Hazel​
► Brown​
► Voidborne​
► Indie​
►Free Agent​
► No​

Atuu, born aboard a merchant vessel to a mother and father of the venerable Clan Skirata was one of few in a small band roaming the stars. The remnants of the once revered empire builders now scattered through the galaxy found their footing after the small conclave was attacked in transit while returning to Concord Dawn laden with goods, assailed by pirates in the Concord System the small crew prepared to defend themselves. Atuu being only a boy at the time was not lucky enough to be spared of the violence as his father was a firm believer in the strength of the Mandalorians of old; Death Watch. A blaster was thrust in to his arms and he was positioned alone to defend the door to the bridge of the ship in the event the pirates made it past the others but the boy was lucky that day. The boarding party was repulsed with minimal casualties to the crew, and the ship continued on it's trade run to Concord Dawn, this was only the beginning of the ships misfortune in the stars though.

As Atuu grew in age his father continued to teach him what it meant to be a Mandalorian, how to fight and how to use a weapon to keep himself and his Vod alive. Atuu was amongst the ships newly loaded cargo when he heard what started out as raised voices then commotion and finally the ring of blaster fire, as he ran towards the commotion with blaster in hand he found a sight that broke his teenage heart. There was his close friend and clan brother slumped against the bulkhead in the cargo area, and in the distance a pair of aliens making off down the corridor of the port, clearly they had jumped him but for what reason Atuu would never know. Just as he was about down the cargo ramp and raising his blaster to shoot he felt the hand on the back of his collar and was quickly thrown backwards, the assailant was not who he thought, instead of seeing his fathers armor as he raised his head it was another alien thug; a one-eyed Gungan wielding a long knife was making for his chest. But the crack of a blaster rang out over Atuu's head and temporarily left him cupping the sides of his head as he looked over to see his father standing above him and the Gungan sprawled out on the ramp; without words Atuu's father closed the ramp and the ship left the port in short order.

With the loss of his closest friend Atuu became seclusive in his free time and relegated himself to more classical past times, the study of history and an obsession with the heroic pilots of the old republic, the rebellion and alike were some of the things he occupied himself with. Pleading with his father shortly after the crew acquired a fighter escort ship, Atuu wanted nothing more than to become competent in the cockpit. Having logged some stick time maneuvering the freighter was one thing but getting his hands on the stick of a TIE/RG was enough of an idea to turn the young man in to a basket case until his father decided to let him. Atuu quickly took to researching the manuals and old holos about piloting this vessel and in time became a competent pilot, not long after this the greatest tragedy of his life struck. While he was refueling his fighter on a platform over Naboo he was watching the freighter his clan was aboard going through it's normal landing sequence when his helmet came to life. A panic was in his father's tone, a tone he had heard only once before and he was frantic in his words to Atuu but in the background he could hear the distressed crew shouting about the hyperdrive malfunction; before Atuu could even pull his helmet on the freighter punched through the space above the station and in to an un-plotted course. Already low on fuel, the ship that jumped at random was considered lost by the Free World's Alliance shortly after they began trying to track the ships black box. Leaving Atuu with the TIE/RG and his possessions to attempt to piece together what the fate of his family may be.

Atuu could be described as a quiet and calculating young man, until someone speaks up about a topic he has knowledge in. Fast to add his opinion and experience in the mix when a plan is being made; Atuu is also the last one to pipe up in a social situation for his upbringing was naturally seclusive and the loss of his brother and friend shook him further from making connections outside of his known people. He is a skilled pilot and is not afraid to volunteer for things even deemed 'one way missions' by most due to his obsession with the heroics of the starfighters of old. Atuu can be seen occupying himself with maintenance and it can be seen as obsessive by some, burying himself in his work seems to be the only thing that brings peace to his mind when he is not working in some capacity.

Skills & Possessions
- Skilled Starfighter/Large Craft Pilot

- Skilled Marksman
- Adequate Melee Combatant
- Historical Pilot Savant
- Adept Starfighter Mechanic

Ship: TIE/RG "TIE Ranger" Starfighter
Primary Weapon: A280C Blaster Carbine
Secondary Weapon(s): DC-17 Handblaster
Melee Weapon(s): Boot-Vibro
Armor: Mandalorian Flight Armor
(1) StarX "Yellow Box"
(1) DTX-1977 InforMaster
(1) Personav
(1) Frag Grenade, Concussion Grenade, Smoke Grenade & Breaching Charge

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Ouch, poor guy. I wonder what happened to the family ship. In any case, this has my...