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Dec 22, 2017
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Space vessel repair kit.
Compact fusion furnace.


1.25 m3; 550kg.

Duraplast case containing 20kg StarX-brand welding putty, standard starship drive, control system, hull and life support repair components, 2 glowrods, standard tools and manual on small datapad.

StarX, in the business of making spacecraft, originally made the vessel emergencies kit to put on prototype ships when they were ready for actual use testing. After saving the lives of a group of engineers, it became popular enough in-house that they had a problem with employees stealing them. So it was decided to mass produce it by subcontracting them to VersaTech Tools & Hardware and PlasChem Fuels & SynthLube, hoping that their popularity would be reflected outside of the company. A media blitz was launched, including viral holo-vids with spacecraft crew embraced by their pets and children after long voyages.

The hoped for popularity become actual, its smaller size and lower price compared with buying and storing all of the kit's contents separately was popular with the safety yet convenience conscious beings of the galaxy. It colloquially became known as the "Yellow Box," the color chosen for visibility during emergencies. For the same reason, the yellow paint glows in the dark.

It contains components to make emergency repairs to all the systems of a ship that may result in the immediate or eventual death of organics on board: both sublight and hyperdrive systems, power, life support, cockpit control systems, and the hull. Tool selection include a conductive metal dispensing circuit-pen, circuit solder remover, spare wires, the most frequently replaced small components of the above systems, 20kg of welding putty, putty ignition sticks, three 2 by 1 meter duralloy hull plates, a socketed hydrospanner and quick-sure breach sealant.

Current versions of the Yellow Box contain a compact fusion furnace, which can provide power for tools and limited shipboard systems.

The kit cannot repair a severely damaged system. For instance, a thermal detonator explosion to a control panel would be irreparable with this kit. It also requires a user knowledgeable enough in the area being repaired. Patching a hull is rather straightforward and could be done well by any grunt that follows instructions closely enough, but repairing the electronic components of a life support system would require knowledge of how the system works, and for best results, experience doing it.

The duration of the repair, even if it is successful, depends on the skill of the individual or individuals doing the work. A shoddy but successful repair may last only 24 hours before malfunctioning completely. An expert mechanic may affect a permanent repair. All repairs, however, will never allow function like before, and are not intended to replace a visit to a mechanic's shop. Hull patches will be weaker and prone to cracking, life support will produce less oxygen, etc.

The repair tools themselves are sturdy, but standard. They cannot repair custom built, unique, or highly advanced systems, or things like personal electronic components or droids. Damage to systems not covered by the kit may be repaired with it, as long as the damage is restricted to components they share in common, like a wire. All other kit limitations would apply in this case. The kit is designed for use by humans. Droids and aliens with non-human-like hands, or less dexterity, would struggle or be unable to use the kit, depending on how different they are.

  • One hull patch requires one person 2 minutes to apply or two people 1 minute
  • Wire repair of up to 2 wires requires one person 1 minute
  • One circuit repair requires one person 2 minutes
  • One system component replacement requires one person 4 minutes

Times are approximate for the average user. They may be lower or higher depending on skill, experience, dexterity, and in the case of the welding putty, strength. All of the times assume everything needed to repair is at hand and not in the box, the part to repair is easily accessible for the user and their tools, the user knows what to do, has human-like hands, is conscious and unimpaired, is in a hurry because they may die soon, and the craft is not experiencing unpredictable G-forces. Not meeting one of these criteria will increase the time necessary, or may cause the repair to fail altogether.

The case is thermally insulated to prevent accidental ignition of the welding putty. The manual contains instructions on how to use the kit's tools and substances, but not how ships are designed and so cannot confer repair knowledge for a ship's components. The instructions contain many pictures in case the user has trouble reading, either generally or at the time of the emergency. The flashlights have yellow wrist straps with the StarX logo on them.

Legal everywhere.

Having a colorful and balanced kit for emergency repairs. One which gives an advantage for traveling with mechanic or engineer characters, thus incentivizing crew formation and the increased opportunity for RP that gives over flying solo.
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