Reviewed There's Always Truth in Legends


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Sep 11, 2010
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Character Name and Reputation Level: @Yoddle — Unknown
Character Rank: Jedi Knight
Name (and link) of Plot: There's Always Truth in Legends
Participants in the Plot (Character Accounts): @Yoddle, @Saul Devan, @Nara Allam, @Kalam Mekhar, @Maxims Tionson, @Oren Zapan, @Mila Tesara, @Ezekiel Nier, @Kraud, @Eckaaso Shyn, @V3PO
Intended Outcome of Plot: Take the Great Temple of Yavin for the Jedi Order
Any PvP or Staff DMing involved? No
Link to Dice Roll Thread (if applicable):
Relevant Threads and a Description Per Thread in Chronological Order:
  • Below the Great Giant - Yoddle and Saul chase off pirate ships orbiting the planet to prevent the Jedi on the ground from getting harassed.
  • Valley of the Shadow - Maxims and Eckaaso run off spice runners camped nearby the temple, who were plundering it for artifacts.
  • In the Shadow of the Temple - Oren and Mila venture into the temple to clear out the main force of pirates occupying it. They fail and are captured.
  • Deja Vu - Saul and Yoddle reach the temple and break Oren and Mila out.
  • Signal Scramble - Nara and Kalam take out the communication towers outside the temple to ensure no pirate reinforcements arrive.
  • The Old Death Star - Ezekiel and Kraud cleanse the ruins of the fallen Death Star to ensure no future Jedi taught on Yavin will be tempted to the dark.


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Mar 12, 2015
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Approved with a caveat: a Padawan and a Knight are not enough to purge the dark side from something like the Death Star singlehandedly in 12 posts, particularly given the fluctuating success of the dice.

The darkness might be temporarily suppressed, but it will return and is likely to have negative repercussions to the Jedi in the future if not dealt with immediately.