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► 160​
► Wookiee​
► 2.6m​
► 362kg​
► Crimson​
► Silver-gray​
► Kashyyyk​
► Male​
► Sith Eternal​
► Legionnaire​
► Yes, trained​
Shorkattatha was born shortly before the beginning of the Clone Wars to a clan of warriors, silverback Wookiees that took great pride in their prowess and victories. Recognized as albino, some members of the clan claimed he was cursed from birth, but most accepted him as another silverback. Trained and taught from a young age in the their ways, he was quickly noticed as a quick learner and of unusual size. When he was fourteen standard years of age he began his Hrrtayyk, or Test of Ascension, a wookiee rite of adulthood. Through the course of it he survived in the Shadowlands, hunted vicious beasts, and safely retrieved fibers from the Syren plant to weave a belt. At the end he built his first bowcaster, a weapon he later use during the Trade Federation invasion of Kashyyyk alongside a bronzium longrifle.

It was during the battle on Kashyyyk that his fate was altered, his family targeted by a hunting party of vicious Trandoshans aiming for the prize of silverback hides. Captured alive and taken aboard a Trandoshan ship, Shor watched as his close friends and family were skinned alive on the racks, dying on the table. In a fit of rage enhanced by the Force he managed to rip himself free of his restraints, surprising his captors and slaying them viciously with tooth and claw. In the ensuing struggle the ship's controls were damaged, resulting in a crash landing on Trandosha. It was several years before he was able to escape the planet on a stolen freighter, well after the end of the Clone Wars, having survived by hunting in the wild and slaying any Trandoshan hunters he came across.

For many years he found a living where he could, providing muscle for Hutts and slaying enemies in gladiator arenas to prevent persecution by the Empire. He eventually found himself hating the state of galaxy that enabled the existence of such foul creatures and cultures like the Trandoshans and the Hutts, the Empire and the First Order. He continued to call on his rage as it built, known by his employers to rip and tear with little prior provocation, but well liked in arenas for providing an exceptionally bloody show.

He kept this up for nearly a century, only breaking from the monotony of violence and fury after a notably brutal ending to a fight that left the other fighter in several pieces. Covered in blood, he was approached by a darkly robed individual claiming to be something of a revolutionary. Shor was informed of his status as Force sensitive, the strange man having sensed it without mistake during the fight. He claimed he could teach him to harness and perfect it, growing even stronger, and help cleanse the galaxy of the unworthy. Eager to expand his natural talents and take vengeance on an uncaring galaxy, Shor was taken to the Sith Eternal to undergo training as a Legionnaire. Now free to roam the galaxy, he prowls the stars for prey with a new outlook, eager to rip and tear at the brittle foundations of corrupt society.

Massive in size even for a Wookiee, Shor at first glance appears to be a textbook example of a Silverback in his prime, covered head to toe in beautifully maintained silver-gray fur, with arms and legs that have been compared to small trees. Upon closer examination it is revealed Shor is also an albino, shown by paler skin color and crimson eyes. Years upon years of strength training, warrior practice, and fighting for his life has resulted in a pronounced musculature that greatly contributes to his impressive weight. He walks with long strides with the smooth and easy strength of a feral tiger, surprisingly quiet for a being his size, sharp gaze sweeping over others before him as if searching for prey. His canines are filed sharp along with his curved climbing claws, and the fur atop his head is and on his chin is kept tied in bunches to keep it away from his face. The vicious snarl unleashed when riled is a sight to behold.

Shor is an excellent example of what happens when a Wookiee decides to unburden themselves of the yoke of civilization. Wild and vicious, he gladly welcomes the rage his people are known for, reveling in the strength it brings and the fear it instills in others. Though at rest he may be appear fairly calm, a seething fury boils beneath the surface, contempt for the rot and corruption galactic civilization brings. He has little mercy or patience from malicious criminals, with slavers, sentient traffickers, and Hutts rousing his fury like few others. The only thing that draws it out any quicker are Trandoshans, who he has been known to hunt for sport or even attack on sight, capturing them and skinning them alive as trophies to nullify their Jagannath points before devouring the remains.

He sees most other sentients are worthless animals, sheep slogging their way through galactic muck. He has a habit of not bothering to remember most names, derogatorily referring to these plodding creatures as different varieties of meat. He loyalties are to himself and the tenets of the Eternal, and though he could make friends or allies, he is a fickle creature and could turn on one in a fit of rage given the right, or wrong, circumstances. Despite his foul temper, he is capable of surprising patience when seeking revenge or hunting prey, likely owing to his long lifespan. A particular Trandoshan was tracked for several years before he was finally cornered, never having noticed the shadow at his back.

Should another sentient find themselves the recipient of a Life Debt, unless they do not fit into the 'meat' category, they should probably watch their back.

The Wookiee's most obvious assets are his sheer size and strength, being more than capable of stereotypical feats of strength his kind are known for, having once even ripped a human in half. He keeps up with intense strength training, similar to a professional powerlifter. More importantly he knows how to use it, leveraging knowledge of Teras Kasi and Wrruushi martial arts in close combat honed through over a century of fighting. He is alarmingly fast on his feet for such a large beast, running and taking action swiftly. Combined with a vicious disregard for Wookiee law that leads him to claw and bite like a feral beast, close combat is where he does best. Well learned in the use of Wookiee traditional weapons, much of this transferred into his usage of a Lightsaber, favoring Form V with a solid basis in Form I, steadily applying crushing pressure until his opponent falls to the onslaught. He is a decent shot, favoring heavier weapons due to his size, but blasters are certainly not his favorite way of hunting prey.

Despite his nature, he is well versed in the usage and modification of technology, considering them a form of natural sentient evolution that enhances a being's natural assets. A capable and aggressive pilot, he is most comfortable in larger gunships or freighters than tiny fighters due to his size and personal preferences. When it comes to social interaction, he speaks with surprising eloquence but very bluntly, clever enough to negotiate or debate but generally too impatient to bother. He reads often on many subjects, considering himself a warrior-philosopher, and is skilled enough in medical matters to treat others assuming they could be convinced of the idea.

He has a particular proclivity for pyrotechnics, fond of using detonations to level the foul rot of civilization. Shor is also a skilled survivalist, capable of hunting and tracking in hostile environments, though these skills come less in handy amongst the steel and glass forests of planets like Nar Shaddaa. He is capable of skinning and processes the bodies of sentient and non-sentient animals alike, and is an excellent cook.

When it comes to usage of the Force, in some ways this is his weakest skill. Though possessing sheer power, he has less ability when it comes to detail or subtlety. His usage of telekinesis is blunt, straightforward, and vicious, as well as frequently mixing lightning or fire into a close range assault with power dropping off at extended ranges. When closing into melee range, a force empowered roar is common. Enhancement, range, barriers, and other abilities that focus the Force into empowering his natural gifts are the most common. While his defenses are solid, his ability to affect the minds of others is limited to fear and brute oppression, with the most subtle use of the Force overall being his ability to suppress his presence.

He speaks several dialects of the Wookiee tongue, and is capable of understanding Basic, Old Corellian, Huttese, Twi'lek, Binary, Bocce, Dosh, Durese, and Rodese.


Red Double-bladed lightsaber, separates in the center, wroshyr casing

2x Vibroswords, styled after Ryyk blades

Bowcaster, rarely carried

E-11D Blaster Rifle, removed stock and trigger guard

BM-664 Heavy Blaster Rifle, not carried unless specified

Shor's Armor of Ren

FX-series Medical Assistant "Stitch"

R6-series Astromech "Fix"

Blackfin-class Blastboat, the Maw

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