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Nov 26, 2019
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NAME: Izel Thral
FACTION: Jedi Order
RANK: Jedi Master
SPECIES: Vratix (I've spoken with an admin and have been ok'd to use this species)
AGE: 30
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 6'5"/1.96m
WEIGHT: 200lbs/90kg
FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes (Completed Jedi training as a Padawan)

At 6'5" Izel has a very looming and intimidating appearance. The insectoid alien possesses a long neck, large and inquisitive black compound eyes, mandibles capable of annunciating in Basic, two long antennae atop her head and six legs. While her back legs are mostly vestigial her middle set are very powerful and allow members of her species to jump great distances. Her forelegs are both built for climbing and possess tridactyl hands capable of holding and manipulating objects. Her chitinous exoskeleton is a very light green color. She typically wears a pair of bandoliers as well as several belts used for carrying a large number of books on history, planetary culture, flora and fauna, and multiple volumes of her own journals. After a deadly encounter on Dxun she bears the scars from a maalraas' claws on her back, right arm and left back leg. She makes a concerted effort to hide these scars beneath her robes.

Izel is highly inquisitive to the point of obsessiveness. While she is intelligent and a fast learner she is single-mindedly devoted to learning everything there is to know about the Force at the expense of all else. As a Vratix she is a naturally skilled climber and able to jump higher and further than most species. She is also absentminded, flighty and greatly averse to violence. Although friendly and sociable she can often be overbearing in her approach to meeting new people. Because of her species’ straightforward nature, she can come off as blunt, sometimes even rude, and oblivious to sarcasm and jokes.

(As a Knight) After a good deal of time interacting with non-Vratix she has learned to behave as they do and curb many of her less appropriate impulses, though still doesn't shy away from speaking her mind. While still opposed to doing harm without need, she has developed a certain hatred for the Sith, and is now more quick to resort to violence as a result.

(As a Master) Further experience both in and outside battle has afforded Izel a new perspective on the galaxy, leading her to adopt a more reconciliatory attitude towards the Sith, and a general diplomatic demeanor.

Izel is good natured but can be very naïve and selfish. She is obsessed with the Force and seeks to gain greater knowledge of it and her power, and because of this she will often act in pursuit of that knowledge without thinking of the consequences to herself and others. She is friendly and eager to make friends with new people, but the mannerisms inherent in her species often result in her coming off as overbearing or rude. Her concept of personal space is much different to most species and she will often move uncomfortably close to examine new individuals. Also, as the Vratix consider sight, hearing and other senses inferior to touch she will poke and prod incessantly at new people she meets. She fails to understand why most species find this behavior unacceptable but will nevertheless make efforts to apologize and maintain friendly relations.

(As a Knight) As she has continued exploring and developing her connection to the Force she has become more emotional and sometimes has difficulty controlling these emotions, particularly anger and feelings of inadequacy. In some other regards she had become more mature, more wholeheartedly committing herself to the Jedi and her responsibilities as one.

(As a Master) With time Izel has continued to mature and mellow out, gaining control over her emotions and being far less likely to lose her cool under pressure. Despite this she still can become irrational when it comes to matters of protecting those very close to her.

Born on the Vratix homeworld of Thyferra in 116 ABY, Izel was one of hundreds of children born to the Thral hive. She grew up in a small village in the Thyferran wilderness and was taught to work the kavam fields along her brothers and sisters. While a very simple existence Izel was perfectly content to live there for her entire life, until she discovered her connection to the Force that is. At age 17 she first felt the pull of the Force, and reaching out with it was able to sense another Vratix in the jungle that had fallen from a tree and lay injured and dying in the underbrush. Thanks to her the Vratix was taken back to the village and made a full recovery, but Izel remained curious as to what this power was. She continued to experiment, reaching out to sense the presence of others in her village, learning to feel their emotions. When she revealed her powers to her parents they explained to her what the Force was and urged her to keep her sensitivity to it a secret. They explained that Force users were at the center of many terrible conflicts throughout history and were responsible for the evil of the old Galactic Empire and the First Order. Their efforts were in vain though, as Izel only became intrigued by the Force and the history of it's wielders. She spent the next year and a half researching the Jedi and Sith orders, and everything else she could find. Her power in the Force grew slowly but steadily, learning how to use telekinesis as well as expand her senses to identify other beings for miles around. It was this talent that led her to stumble across a Jedi Knight by the name of Reev Turrin, who had come to Thyferra for his own reasons. Though he was a great distance away Izel left her home village immediately and without explanation to track him down. Upon finally meeting the Jedi Knight and revealing her powers to him he was most impressed by her gift and tenacity, taking her as his Padawan and bringing the young Vratix with him back to Ajan Kloss. In the six months since her formal initiation into the Order she has dedicated herself fully to learning the ways of the Force and becoming a truly enlightened Jedi.

(As a Knight) After three years of training, much of which was much more life threatening than Izel ever would have predicted, the Vratix completed her apprenticeship and was granted the rank of Jedi Knight. By this time much of her innocence and naive view of the Force was lost, becoming caught up in politics of the Jedi and their increasing hostility with the Sith. After an encounter on Ontotho Izel became resolved to commit herself fully to the Order and their efforts to maintain stability across the galaxy.

(As a Master) During her four years as a Jedi Knight Izel dedicated herself to serving the Order and particularly combating the rising Sith and other forces of the Dark Side, behaving more like a soldier than an agent of the Light. A humbling experience on Sullust and the following tragedy on Ajan Kloss however drove her into a several month long self-exile, where she focused all her time on completing her Padawan's training and better understanding her own place in the galaxy. The result of this introspection was a new resolution to find an alternate path to ending the conflict between the Jedi and Sith, one that would not require further bloodshed.

From her zealous research Izel has obtained a vast theoretical knowledge of the Force and the Jedi but very little practical. She knows of their history and philosophy, as well as the light and dark sides. She also has an extremely good memory and can quickly absorb new information... When she finds it interesting. Through personal trial and error she has gained some power over the Force, able to sense the presence of others over immense distances as well as read their emotions. She has very limited telekinesis capabilities and has begun teaching herself how to perform mind tricks. She has made a point to shirk her combat training at every turn, instead devoting all her time to study and meditation. Her personal fighting style is almost purely defensive by design, consisting of maneuvers meant to keep her opponents at a distance and use her natural mobility to escape any who mean her harm. When backed up against a wall however the size of her species does allow her some brute strength with which to defend herself. She speaks Galactic Basic quite fluently in addition to her native tongue. She also possesses an in depth knowledge of Thyferran-based agriculture.

(As a Knight) Izel has greatly expanded her command of the Force, mastering many of the skills taught to her by various masters as well as picking up several skills though missions in the field. Particularly her Force sense has grown immensely powerful, allowing her to identify specific beings over great distances, and very accurately sense the feelings of those around her. Her lightsaber training has progressed at a slower pace. Izel now has a decent grasp on Soresu and relies on it heavily, and has begun to advance her knowledge of Makashi as well. Despite this she remains a mediocre duelist at best.

(As a Master) As she has come closer to finding balance within herself Izel's power over the Force has continued to grow to new heights. Her command of telekinesis, tutaminis and stasis in particular have become most impressive. She has also dedicated more time to training her combat skills, partially to keep up with her own apprentice, and as a result has mastered Form III and become proficient in the use of Form II as well. While still not as capable a duelist as her peers, she has put in the work to earn the title of Master.

Simple Jedi robes and traveling bag, lots of books and journals, and phrik lightsaber pike with detachable shoto (yellow)

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Parents, many siblings on Thyferra
Nykoria Tallis: One of Izel's closest friends within the Order
Nara Allam: Izel's first friend within the Order, dating back to her apprenticeship
Isen Ramm: Izel's former Padawan and close friend
Yulie: Izel's current Padawan

  • Trial of Insight: On Zeffo, Izel oversees Crix Aran's Trial of Insight during his bid to earn his Knighthood (Complete)
  • Guard My Back: Ontotho: Returning to Onthotho, Izel and Rishe Vakren are tasked with defending the capital's History Museum and securing precious artifacts in the midst of political turmoil (Stalled)
  • Wake Up From Your Dreams: At the Jedi Temple on Yavin IV, Izel greets Galania Tallis as she awakes from her long recovery after a Sith attack (Complete)
  • Watch the Skies: On Endor, Izel, Isen Ramm and Maiko Sigur are tasked with stopping a string of attacks on a Jedi construction team by a colony of Condor Dragons (Complete)
  • Aggressive Fundraising: On Coruscant, Izel meets up with old friend Nara Allam, and together they come up with a creative way to make some money for a charitable mission (Complete)
  • Breakthrough: After receiving a chilling vision while apprehending a criminal, Izel and Nara meet with Sector Ranger Corran Velt, hoping to pool their resources in an important investigation (Complete)
  • The First Step: On Kashyyyk, Izel introduces Yulie to the Jedi Council in the hopes of having her accepted into the Jedi Order (Complete)
  • No Arbor-Trary Trade: On Coruscant, Izel assists Padawan Ruzaan Kai in acquiring a rare Lightning Tree for the Jedi Order (Stalled)
  • A Place of Peace: Finally returning to Yavin after her long self-imposed exile, Izel introduces Yulie to the Jedi Order proper and begins her training in earnest. (In Progress)
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