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► 6'1"
► 190 lbs
► PADAWAN (Knight Power Level)
Isen Ramm is a young Kiffar who has spent most of his life in a Jedi enclave on the frozen planet of Jedha. His mother and father both hail from proud, but unimportant clans. As is the Kiffar way, Isen took the traditional clan markings from his mother, two simple, but prominent black dots tattooed under the bottom lip. His father, Hiko, was a fierce warrior on his home planet of Kiffex and scout for hire by many unscrupulous characters along the inner rim, particularly in nearby Bestine and Fondor. Hiko, well-traveled and a sucker for a good yarn, heard the tales of the mystical Force- the light, and the dark. Armed with that information, he recognized force sensitivity in young Isen as a baby. Untrained and raw, Isen could draw toys or other small items to him using telekinesis. An emotional child, that same untapped potential proved quite bothersome as shelves were cleared and items knocked off their perch in the home. Hiko, remembering the stories told over tankards of booze, had heard the tales of what evil a force-sensitive sentient could unleash on the galaxy. While he wished to teach Isen how to harness the power that he had been blessed with to provide honor and glory to the dwindling Ramm Clan, Hiko was determined to have Isen trained by the Jedi. The risk was too great.

Hiko made his way to the frozen, rocky landscape of Jedha to present Isen to the Jedi rumored to be there. Hiko, the professional scout, found who he was looking for. The Jedi were hesitant to take the young Kiffar, just seven standard years of age, from his parents, but Hiko pleaded with the Jedi to teach Isen how to control his emotions and how to harness his power for justice. The Jedi took council together and decided they would raise and train the child so long as Hiko made assurances that he would make Jedha his home and stay on the moon as often as he could. Soon, Hiko, Isen's mother, and his older sister were on the frozen moon where they could be a part of Isen's life until such time that Isen could decide for himself what path to take.

Isen has been with the Jedi training as a youngling under their care for eight years. Isen is now 15 years of age and determined to become a Jedi Knight. His Kiffar roots and talks with his father about his culture have spurred him toward tradition and history. He is desiring the long road, the hard road. He wants to become a Jedi Knight as the great Jedi did over a century ago, as an apprentice, a Padawan to a noble Jedi Knight or Master. Most recently, after spending eight years in training as a youngling on Jedha, he finally has a master to apprentice him- a Jedi Knight named Izel Thral. This assignment comes with a new home- Ajan Kloss.

Isen Ramm is impetuous, fearless. It is his greatest strength, but also his greatest weakness. He can be extremely impatient, and despite the better teachings of the Jedi Masters that have helped to raise him, Isen has been known to the let the "ends justify the means." His potential is noted, but the Jedi that know him best know that his father was right- his potential does come with risk.

Despite this rashness and impulsivity, Isen is deeply convicted when chastised or corrected. He does try his hardest to live by the Jedi code, and he very clearly wants to be just and honorable. Despite his reckless behavior physically, Isen is quite shy around those he has not been around long enough to trust. He is very soft-spoken until he is comfortable with everyone in his party. He is steel-eyed, however, and at age 18, it is clear that he will be a physically imposing Jedi. His stare doesn't flinch, no matter how uncomfortable he is in a social setting, and that stare and his physical nature are sure to make an imposing figure.

Isen is a teenager, however. He loves to spar and he loves history and the learnings of ancient practices, rituals, and cultures all over the galaxy. He studies these topics with great fervor and has shown the acumen for study. However, there are subjects that do not interest him, and they are important ones. Only since becoming Izel Thral's apprentice has he given much effort into practices such as meditation and academic studies of the Force itself. This has been quite a frustration with Masters that know him because he has a rare Kiffar gift- the ability of psychometry, the Force ability of acquiring information about people or events associated with an object simply by touching it.

At the age of 15, Isen was transported to Ajan Kloss where he was assigned a Master, a Vratix Jedi Knight named Izel Thral. This was a particularly shrewd decision by the Order because her focus was not martial ability, but healing and understanding the Force. Her tutelage went a long way to making Isen a well-rounded Jedi. In an Order that is concerned more and more about trying to be different than the Orders of the past, Thral, like Isen, are more of an old-school type of Jedi. She installed a philosophy of the Living Force which helped to reinforce Isen's pragmatic attitude toward completing missions.

Isen completed his journey as a padawan, and his prowess as a duelist is his strongest asset, though in his early days as a knight, he has shown creativity and leadership in crunchtime situations.

There is little doubt that Isen is already a fierce fighter. His lightsaber skills have progressed well above schedule. He is adept at the saberstaff, but much prefers to dual wield a saber in both hands. He continues to grow, and at 19 years of age, he is already quite the brute. His size can fool others to his quickness and speed. Isen is an all-around athlete. He is naturally fast and agile. His hands and feet move extremely quickly and with precision. While Isen has not given his best efforts to learning the more meditative ways of the Force, he has put in extra work to use the Force to increase his physical prowess such as Force jump, exceptional stamina, breath control, and other body-centric Force abilities. He is extremely skilled in Forms IV and V (Djem So variant), and is on a path to mastery in both soon. He can seamlessly transition between the two, creating an unpredictable fighting style that integrates both agility and power as well as power strikes and counterstrikes.

It was surprising to some of the Jedi on Jedha at just how adept young Isen was in negotiation simulations. While he does not perform well on paper, in practice, Isen consistently outperformed most of his classmates. Those who are not surprised, understand why he scores well in practice, and it worries them. Isen is not shy about using physical force to speed up negotiations, and while that would typically result in failure of the exercise, the threat of physical force, his intense eyes, and his imposing frame tend to make the opposing party quickly come to reasonable terms. His intense study of galactic cultures and norms has only furthered his prowess as a capable negotiator. He has been able to put this into practice a time or two under the watchful eyes of Izel Thral.

Having time with his father, Isen has also learned valuable lessons. His father, an expert tracker and scout, has given Isen invaluable knowledge of how to survive in the various dangerous wilderness environments. He has learned how to track most anything- especially sentients and beasts. Tracking droids were never to Hiko's liking. In addition, with the help of a Jedi by the name of Novaron Rah, Isen has begun the process of being able to tame wild beasts, forming Force bonds with them and turning them into allies. The Jedi enclave on Jedha had a large domed garden, and Isen started learning how to use the Force to manipulate growth rates of plants, but did not have much interest, and did not practice as he should. He does, however, have a rudimentary skill in connecting with plants.

While the Jedi have been teaching young Isen how to interrogate and question like a Jedi, Hiko has given Isen a few helpful tips...very aggressive tips, that the Jedi may not appreciate.


(2) cobalt-bladed lightsabers (self-created)
(2) white-bladed lightsabers (taken from defeated Dark Side cultists and purified)
Jedi Utility Belt

  1. Isen as a Padawan
    • Getting The Shaft ― Isen saves a friend's brother from slavers in an abandoned mine on Jedha and gains the attention of a supposed journalist. • Complete
    • The Lead ― Byron Ryker leads other Padawans and Jedi Initiates on an unauthorized mission and Isen gets his first kyber crystal. • Complete
    • Master and Apprentice -- Isen Ramm is instructed to pack quickly and to deport to an unknown location for a reason he is not told. He arrives on Ajan Kloss and is surprised to learn that he he is now a Padawan with a Master. • Complete
    • The Path Less Traveled ― Isen and other padawans are taken to the caves of Mygeeto as a rite of passage to get a kyber crystal. Isen does so, and facing his own fears and taking a look down two distincts paths on his journey with the Force. • Complete
    • Galaxy in Crisis! ― Isen and his Master Izel Thral battle the Dark Side and monsters contracted with AMS in Nar Shaddaa. The master and padawan killed a tarentatek, got a unique artifact, and made a tough moral decision that saved the lives of many. • Complete
    • The Blood Forest ― Isen is part of a team of Jedi that was tasked with rooting out a Dark Side cult ruling one of the forests on Onderon. Isen kills his first sentients with a lightsaber, saves the life of Jedi Weiss Zano, and uses his gift of psychometry to locate the cultists' temple. • Complete
    • When Duty Calls ― Isen attends a meeting as Master Tallis works to convince other Jedi to kickstart a Jedi Guardian program. Isen's master joins, and Isen vows to stay by his master's side. • Complete
    • Lasers and Blasters and Batteries, Oh My! - The Jedi Guardians have split into several different missions to get one ship suitable enough for mission work. Isen and his master are tasked with going to Bracca to find two salvageable batteries. Isen, Izel, and a stranger named Eisa Wex have to use a combination of negotiation and force to get what they came for. • Complete
    • The Temple That Should Not Be ― Isen is part of a team of Jedi that advance in The Blood Forest, cutting through cultists on their way to the temple. Isen is a little too efficient with his lightsaber. • Complete
    • A Religious Experience ― The team of Jedi that found the temple in the Blood Forest venture into the temple to defeat the vanguards of a dark ceremony in the bowels of the temple itself. The team is successful, and Isen's lightsaber skills are put on display as he single-handedly killed a dual-wielding Dark Side warrior who had the power and skill of Dark Lord. Isen would later take both of these lightsabers for safe keeping.
    • King of Stone ― The team of Jedi on Onderon had more mission to finish inside the temple- destroy a Dark Side monster that could use the Dark Side of the Force to transform between rock and fire. Isen is part of the team of Jedi that destroy this Dark Side abomination.
    • Springing Lieutenant Aran ― Isen takes part in the semi-successful mission on Sullust to rescue a Sector Ranger officer. • Complete
    • The Will of the Force ― Isen is given a choice to stay with his Master, Izel Thral, or to join the new Jedi attack force. Despite his desire to join combat, Isen's loyalty and friendship with Izel wins the day. Their renewed master/padawan relationship starts with a lesson in tutaminis training. • Complete
    • The Cycle Repeats ― Isen attends what his half memorial, half Jedi meeting after the events on Sullust and Ajan Kloss. Isen begins to see that he and his master are not of the same philosophical mind on how to deal with the Sith threat. • Complete
    • Separate Ways ― Master Tallis is heading off to places unknown, and before she leaves, Isen tells her goodbye and sends well wishes. • Complete
    • The Path to Balance: Humility ― Isen's master believes that Isen has some growing to do. She takes him to Mon Gazza where they will not use the Force and work and toil as most in the galaxy do. • Complete
    • At the Crossroads ― While meditating in the woods, Isen is approached by a stranger Jedi Knight who shares his affinity for the wilderness. He offers to help Isen refine his relationship with wilderness through the Force. • Complete
    • The Path to Balance: Perspective ― Izel Thral takes Isen to Ambria where she asks him to combine his ability to tame wild beasts with a trait that he often does not have: compassion. Isen is able to tame a species of lizard that is known for their Dark Side tendencies, a hssiss. While Isen is successful in the task, he disappoints his mater by telling her something he should have told her long before. With his master's help, he also purifies the Kyber crystals from the lightsabers he took from the Dark Side cultists on Onderon. • Complete
  2. Isen as a Knight
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