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Nara Allam

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F . S E N S I T I V E ?

Nara was raised on Nar Shaddaa, the smuggler’s moon. She had no memory of where she came from or who she might have been before. Her parents a long-forgotten mystery, buried deep in the endless hallways and towers that make up the gigantic city. She spent her childhood flitting through various homes and institutions. Nar Shaddaa isn’t the most stable place for lost, forgotten children. What limited organisations there are can’t keep track of them forever. What stability she couldn’t find amongst these, she forged with others like her.

As she moved towards adolescence, Nara fell in with a gang that roamed the halls near the Correllian sector of the moon. A small collection of unwanted, left-behind teenagers that called themselves the Black Sparks. They stole to survive, picking pockets and breaking into businesses. It was with this group that Nara first showed her knack for electronics. She seemed to have a gift for repairing the old, broken and useless electronics that littered the smuggler’s moon. Her pride and joy is Three-B, a bent, half-broken 4-EY droid that she found dumped by a cantina one night, that took weeks of tinkering, fiddling and fixing to get working again.

Nara turned out to be an excellent pick-pocket too, though not through her own skill. As she grew older, she found that objects would just land in her palm. The slightest movement towards a pack, a belt or a bag and what she wanted would almost fly to her. Chips, datapads, valuables. She kept that to herself for as long as she could. She’d managed to scrape together some kind of companionship and security in her young life with her group, and she didn’t want to risk them turning against her.

It couldn’t last, though. One night, her and her friends were ambushed by a rival gang. Caught defenceless, Nara and her friends scrambled for whatever they could, but they were outmatched. One rival boy carried a heavy, crude, metal staff and handled it like a beast. Nara watched the bar fly through the air, swinging down towards her friend’s head… and she felt something stir inside her. Something different. Something strange, wonderful and frightening all at once. She could feel something around herself. Something stopped the bar in mid-air, as if a bubble of shimmering light had caught the metal. Frozen in place, Nara focused all of her self on that barrier, stopping her friend from being seriously hurt. It only took a couple more quick, scared swipes at the blue haze in the air before the boy turned and ran off.

Though they seemed outwardly fine, the mood had changed. Her friends were not comfortable with her, now. She could feel the whispers and stares around her, behind her back. She might have left it there, ran off deeper into the moon on her own, if it wasn’t for the Jedi. Rumour had spread enough among the local streets to attract the attention of a small outpost of the Jedi Order. They approached Nara and gave her an opportunity. To leave Nar Shaddaa, to travel to other places and worlds. To train herself in the ways of the Force. Nara accepted.

After an awkward goodbye with her crew of friends, she left Nar Shaddaa to study the ways of the Jedi Order and the Force, hoping to find a more stable place for herself in the Order.


Nara was welcomed onto Ajan Kloss and the Jedi Order by her assigned master, Jedi Knight Oren Zapan. Oren introduced Nara to life in the Temple and her training on using the Force. As she settled into life in the Temple, she joined a group of other padawans studying the codes and history of the Jedi, making friends with a few of them. After a difficult couple of months, Nara panicked over her decision to join the Jedi and stole Master Oren's ship, trying to flee Ajan Kloss in the night. Unfortunately, she crashed into the muck of the swamps and had to come back. Oren took the opportunity to teach Nara more about the Force, helping her truly believe in her own ability for the first time and helping her decide to stay.

As a padawan, Nara busied herself with various missions to help those in need, including a scavenger hunt on Raxus Prime to help a village, help provide food for the refugees on Eriadu and dealing with a complicated issue around medicine on Tatooine. During a routine delivery to a Jedi on Nal Yeshu, Nara first met Rynn, a Mandalorian teenager hunting a bounty. She intruded on his efforts and ended up causing a mess, but the two of them helped each other out.

When Master Oren was arrested, Nara took the news very badly. She caused an argument in the Jedi Temple and was admonished for her attitude. When she learned that Oren accepted his two years and didn't want to be rescued, she ignored him and planned a rescue on Coruscant. Refusing to take the Jedi's help, she enlisted Rynn, though the plan fell through when Rynn revealed his health issues. Nara abandoned the plan to help Rynn. She attempted to heal him and helped to stabilise his condition, though exhausting herself while doing so. Nara and Rynn started a relationship after that point.

During Oren's time in prison, Nara was trained by different members of the Order. Hannibal took her under his wing for a while, though his training was a little more physical than Oren's ever had been. Brienna checked in on her during her darkest time, helping her to construct her lightsaber in her dorm room.
Nara also embarked on other missions to help the Jedi and the greater galaxy. She helped medical staff deal with a disease wracking Chandrila, working alongside Maxims and continuing her own developing interest in the field of healing. Nara also assisted the Order during their attempt to remove a gang from Yavin-4, sabotaging their communications while others dealt with them. Unfortunately, her own reckless attempt to help someone ended up with her getting blasted in the chest, leaving her seriously injured. Luckily, Saul managed to take her back to the shuttle and away to recover properly.

After two years, Nara had matured somewhat, through her training and other various deeds within the Order. When Master Oren returned after his time in prison, the two reunited happily and shared their thoughts. Oren recommended that she move ahead in the Order and complete her trials, in order to become a Knight.


Nara, freshly knighted on Ajan Kloss.

As a Knight, Nara travelled the Galaxy to help people in whatever way she could. Whilst more mature than she once was, Nara was still possessed of a firm attitude and latent grumpiness that just seemed to be ingrained in her completely. Due to this, Nara tended to operate away from Ajan Kloss when she could.

After the disaster at the Coruscant prison, Nara helped her master try to solve the puzzle of the holocron, but almost ended up destroying it by letting her emotions overwhelm herself. She helped rescue a Mon Calamari pilot whilst on a mission.

She was sent on a mission to investigate a hidden temple on Ontotho, meeting Nykoria Tallis for the first time. Unfortunately, Nara was injured when dealing with the Temple Guardians, causing the Jedi team to retreat. They would later return to the Temple with more Jedi, meeting the Sith in a pitched battle.

During some of her time on Ajan Kloss, Nara ran classes and lessons on electronics and droids, educating some younglings about technology whilst helping some of her peers take their first steps into droid manufacture and repair.

Feeling listless and unsure of where to build her talents, Nara returned to Nar Shaddaa for a while. There, she took her first steps in building a Jedi clinic to try and help the unfortunate underclasses of the smuggler's moon. Unfortunately, she was still on the moon when the AMS epidemic flared up again, leading her to try and find the source of the AMS outbreak in the tunnels that ran underneath the world.
When she first arrived to the Jedi Temple, Nara was a very prickly, wary teenager with a lot of sharp edges. She was loud, abrasive and took poorly to authority figures, especially to those she believed hadn't earned their position. She was quick-minded but very quick to mouth-off too, which landed her in trouble more than once. However, when Nara warmed to people she was very friendly and unceasingly loyal. Though sometimes aggressive with her thoughts and deeds, Nara always tried to help others and held a core of decency and goodness deep inside her.

As she came to the end of her apprenticeship, Nara had matured and managed to control her anger much better. Though it still showed in flashes of emotion, she channelled it to her own resolve and used it to help her. Nara became a determined and passionate young Jedi, dedicated to helping others, especially those who had no ability to help themselves. After seeing disease and injury rife around the Galaxy, Nara pushed herself into the role of a Jedi in order to ensure she could truly help people.

Nara's quick mind sharpened through the years, becoming razor-sharp. Though she didn't mouth off at everyone and everything like she used to, Nara could still get herself into trouble with her comments and lack of tact. Even though she is less likely to argue now, she still holds an unshakeable distrust of authority. Whether complete unwarranted or not, Nara felt that some of the Jedi leadership had been too unfocused or lax in her time as an apprentice and had a lack of confidence in their ability to help the greater Galaxy. This contributed to her eventual desire to explore the Galaxy and help the Order in different ways.

Nara became fairly well-trained with the Force in her years with the Jedi, honing her natural abilities. She showed proficiency with telepathy, Force Push and Force Barrier, using them effectively during encounters whilst in the Order. Nara also developed an interest in healing during her years as a Padawan, using her abilities to assist with healing, take other's pain and stabilise close friends when they were injured.

Nara showed some skill with a lightsaber but did not train much as much as she could have done as a Padawan. Whilst good with a training saber, Nara's technique was too slapdash and unfocused to be a great duellist. She could use her saber for protection and dealing with attackers, though against a well-skilled saber wielder, she would be at a disadvantage. Luckily, she wasn't above fighting dirty.

Nara was quite athletic with a wiry, slender frame. During her training with Hannibal, he trained her to be stronger and faster physically, adding a few lean, toned muscles to her thin body. Nara was very adept at adapting and surviving to urban environments after her childhood on Nar Shaddaa.

Nara was an excellent tinkerer with electronics, to the point that she constructed and repaired her own scout droid out of stolen and cobbled together parts. A half-decent slicer on Nar Shaddaa, she used her skills to help the Order. Her knowledge was chiefly focused on common, consumer-grade technology. Her experience with more complex military-grade or encrypted technology grew during her time with the Jedi, meaning she could attempt to rewire and disassemble more secure, complex technology.

- A lightsaber with a blue kyber crystal

- Generic Utility Belt

- Datapad

- A DL18 Blaster Pistol

- Three-B, her trusty 4EY Scout Droid. Three-B was cobbled together from spare parts and broken droids back when she was a tearaway teen on Nar Shaddaa, consisting largely of gambling shop computer boards and blemished plastics. Somehow, he's still going.


Nara's major relationships with other characters:

Oren Zapan: Nara's master and Jedi-Dad. Nara was assigned to Oren on arrival at the Jedi Temple on Ajan Kloss. Oren mentored Nara throughout her turbulent first year with the Jedi, helping her to settle into life in the Order as well as deal with her doubts about her place in the Galaxy. Master Oren taught Nara how to use the Force in a positive, supportive way and how to channel, believe in and use the Force to help herself and others. He accompanied her on missions and helped to guide her spiky anger into ways to help others. Master Oren slowly filed down the edges of Nara's angry personality, helping her to become a more mature, respectful person whilst keeping her drive and urge to help the less fortunate.

When he was arrested by the Sector Rangers, Nara faced a crisis of confidence in the Jedi. After several shouting matches around the Temple, Nara was very close to leaving the Jedi altogether. However, with the support of her friends and other members of the Order, she stayed, knowing that Master Oren would be heartbroken if she left over him.

When Oren was released from prison, Nara reunited with him on Ajan Kloss, showing how much she'd matured in the time he'd been away. Although their time apart had been hard, Nara was thrilled to have her Master back and humbled to receive both his ship and his blessing to begin the trials of Knighthood.

Although suspicious at first, Nara grew to love Oren more than anyone else she'd ever known and considered him the father that she'd never had. Oren was the one person in the Galaxy that Nara truly trusted and respected above anyone else. Every action that she took to help others or protect people as a Jedi was partly fuelled by her wish to make Oren proud and show he was right to believe in her.

Rynn Itera: Nara's former boyfriend. Nara met Rynn when delivering supplies to a Jedi on Nal Yeshu. Whilst hunting information on a bounty, Rynn caused a ruckus and Nara intervened. After causing some problems, the two of them joined together to save themselves from a gang of thugs. Nara would later ask for Rynn's help in her aborted, haphazard plan to bust Master Oren out of prison, but would scrap that when Rynn became ill and revealed his condition to her. Nara helped to stabilise him and get him help. During this, they kindled their relationship.

Three-B: Nara's temperamental companion droid. Fashioned from broken droid parts and scavenged boards when she was growing up on Nar Shaddaa, Three-B was Nara's constant companion. The droid was originally used for helping Nara with petty crime on the Smuggler's Moon but quickly adapted to life with the Jedi. Though he had a broken holo-receptor and a poor battery (as well as a tendency to snore gambling odds when recharging), Nara was more proud of him than anything else she'd ever made.

Nykoria Tallis: Nara's friend. She met Kori on a mission to a Temple on Ontotho, which set the scene for their friendship: frantic fights with Sith inbetween one-liners and snarky comments. Nara appreciated Kori's humour and quick-thinking. When Kori began to openly advocate for a more active approach to combatting the Sith, Nara openly and vocally supported her ideas, throwing herself into the 'Jedi Guardian' project.
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