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1.6 meters.
57 kilograms.



    Helen Holcomb is a Lepi female, aged 25 standard years. She stands 1.6 meters in height and weighs about 57 kilograms. Helen has light brown fur over her most of her body, with a slightly contrasting light tan undercoat. She has reddish brown hair, usually held back in long braids, and her eyes are a dark amber color. Unlike many women from her planet, Helen prefers what her culture considers "men's" clothing, simple shirts and trousers mainly, although when working she reverts to a standard flight suit.

    Helen Holcomb came into the Galaxy from an unlikely starting point.

    A native of a remote world on the fringes of Wild Space, Helen grew up in a pre-Hyperdrive society. Her ancestors, the planet's original colonists, had been a band of Lepi who had fled the Republic during the Hundred-Year Darkness. Though they had grand plans for their colony, they were not to be; their ship crash-landed due to a mechanical fault, and the survivors lost access to much of the technology with which they had intended to start their new lives. After less than a century, the colony had reverted to a subsistence agricultural state, which inevitably splintered as small regional holdings became nations unto themselves. Though they had knowledge of the wider Galaxy, they had no way to visit or even communicate with it; gradually, knowledge of advanced science, history and other fields was lost. It was not until centuries later that scientific principles were rediscovered, and the colony began on the long road to industrialization.

    By the time Helen was born, the colony had entered an era of rapid social and scientific progress. New technologies such as electricity and thermal expansion engines were reshaping the world; the future looked bright, especially for Helen herself, who had recently become one of the first females in her culture to achieve a commission in the armed forces, joining the fledgling Naval Air Corps and earning her wings as a pursuit pilot. The aircraft she flew, though they only had crude hydrocarbon-fueled engines for propulsion, were some of the fastest and most modern on her world, and seemed like the greatest things in the air.

    That was before the first of the UFOs appeared, of course.

    Helen's career started just before a rash of sightings of strange craft began to be reported in many countries across the planet. They were impossibly fast and maneuverable, able to outpace any aircraft sent up to intercept them, and seemingly immune to all but the heaviest weapons. Worse, they seemed to be hostile; reports came in of large formations of unknown craft descending on remote settlements, with strange beings rounding up as many of the locals as they could find and taking them away. Though attempts were made to communicate, the aliens seemed either unable to respond or uninterested in doing so.

    Regardless of whether they could communicate with the mysterious invaders, the governments of the world concluded that they could not let their actions stand.

    Helen, therefore, found herself transferred to a new, international air service, flying advanced aircraft against the UFOs. She and her squadron proved at least marginally successful against the aliens, managing to drive off and even shoot down several in large-scale intercepts. Things were looking up, until one day, Helen and her squadron were assigned to attack a suspected alien base deep in a remote wilderness region.

    During the raid, Helen was shot down, unable to bail out of her stricken craft and losing consciousness when it hit the ground somewhere inside the base perimeter. When she came to, she was collared and shackled in a cage along with dozens of other Lepi, being loaded into the belly of one of the UFOs.

    As it turned out, the "UFOs" which had been raiding the planet were not the vanguard to a forthcoming invasion, as Helen's superiors had feared. Indeed, they were merely a group of opportunistic Galactic criminals who were raiding the planet for slaves. Surviving her crash nominally in one piece, Helen had been taken while unconscious, put in irons and was now destined for an alien auction block.

    As it turned out, Helen's captors had seriously underestimated their latest acquisition. When the slaves were unloaded for processing, Helen saw her chance to escape; before she could have a slave chip implanted, she incapacitated one of the guards, stealing their weapons and gear and managing to get out of her shackles. She escaped the processing facility, though she was sadly unable to take any of the other captured Lepi with her; she managed to steal a biometric profile of all those in her "shipment," however, and swore to track them down and free them, one day.

    And so Helen has escaped the slavers, but now find herself adrift in a Galaxy she knows nothing about. She has thus far managed to adapt, however, and has even discovered that the skills she learned flying pursuit ships on her home-world translate well to more "advanced" craft. With the imperative to survive, and to carry out her mission to free those of her world who were taken, she has set out to take on the Galaxy.

    Helen is a former military officer, albeit from a military that still viewed slugthrowers and chemical explosives as the height of weapons technology. Nevertheless, she received training to improve her reflexes and tactical acumen, and can handle herself well in combat. She is also a veteran fighter pilot (her culture calls them "pursuit ships"), and although, again, her initial experience was with propeller-driven craft armed with projectile launchers, she has adapted well to Galactic standard technology and tactics.

    Helen is far from useless with machinery, and is able to make repairs and alterations to ships and droids. Being from a "primitive" society that has not yet achieved spaceflight on its own, she has a different approach to technology than most sentients, and is adept at making things work using simple, elegant solutions rather than brute force. She is not above jury-rigging systems and using copious amounts of space tape when the situation calls for it, of course.
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