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Dec 22, 2017
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Pilots Flight Suit

Surviving in the freezing atmosphere-free depths of space is impossible for most species of the galaxy without loads of highly specialized survival gear. For many centuries, the biggest barrier to exploration in the galaxy was how to keep spacefarers alive long enough to chart it all! It wasn't until the invention of various types of dedicated EVA and other "vac-suits" were invented that taking a jaunt through space became a feasible prospect. Unfortunately, these suits take time to don and have a reputation for being large and notoriously hard to maneuver in- this presents a problem for many modern pilots who rely on their skills and dexterity to carry them to victory in grueling modern dogfights in space. That's where the humble pilots flight suit comes in.

A pilots flight suit is designed primarily for fighter pilots and others who may have to eject from a dying craft, but many spacers of other types keep them on hand for quick extra-vehicular activities such as exploration and repairs, or for emergency situations. There is no one manufacturer for these suits, and styles and materials run the gamut, but all feature essentially the same basic safety gear to protect their wearers long enough to be rescued or to return to a life support capable environment. Variations of this type of protective gear run the gamut from TIE pilots to Rebel A-wing suits to smugglers who aren't sure they're going to make it cobbling together a helmet and life support pack.


To provide a standard light armor specifically for pilots and anyone else who might get accidentally jettisoned into space.


Legal and commonly available throughout the galaxy. Some localities even consider it mandatory safety gear to have on hand, akin to life jackets on a maritime vessel.

Type and Coverage

Type: Light Armor.

  • Head: Either an enclosed duraplast helmet, or an open faced helmet with attachable mask.
  • Chest: Lightweight blast vest with removable Duraplast plate inserts
  • Back: Lightweight blast vest with removable Duraplast plate inserts


Function 1: Rebreather
  • Rebreathers, whether built into a helmet or a separate mask, allow for the wearer to breath underwater or in space for brief amounts of time by scrubbing CO2 from their exhaled breath and recycling it. Generally this lasts for up to 5 posts, but heavy exertion can shorten that time.
  • Force User Compatible?: Yes
Function 2: Vac-Seal
  • It's no replacement for a dedicated spacesuit if you intend to EVA, but this under suit, when combined with a helmet, can protect the wearer from the immediate effects of exposure to a vacuum for up 5 posting rounds. You still need a way to breathe, however.
  • Force User Compatible?: Yes
Function 3: Life Support Box
  • Life support boxes are emergency gear designed to be worn in conjunction with other safety equipment, such as vac-suits and rebreathers. The device can be manually activated via a switch on the chest box, but most also automatically engage when exposed to vacuum. When activated, the device projects a small mag-shield "bubble" around the user that is just strong enough to contain a tiny amount of livable atmosphere. Life support boxes double the protection provided by vac seals and rebreathers- however, without other protective gear, the life support box itself provides only 3 rounds of protection from the elements. It also contains a high power distress beacon that the broadcasts the pilots precise coordinates to any ship within a parsec. The distress beacon can be manually deactivated, and can broadcast for much longer time than its wearer can survive.
  • Force User Compatible?: Yes