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Dec 22, 2017
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Welcome to the character creation rules & guide thread. This thread includes the rules and basics of character creation, which means the rank and reputation your character starts off at, the appropriate gear for a new character and other information you'll need to know.

It is very important to browse the Factions and Organizations forums to learn about your options. The main factions your character can join are: Jedi Order, Sith Eternal, Sector Rangers. There are many other PC and NPC factions as well. However, characters do not have to be part of a faction.

  1. Writers are limited to four characters at one time; this limit transcends accounts.
  2. You must make a sub account for your character. Every character needs a sub account in order to level and rank up. To learn how to create character sub accounts go here or look in the Rules & Guidelines forum.
  3. Profiles must include if a character is Force Sensitive (FS) or not and their age, height and weight.
  4. Characters are not Gods; they cannot be immortal, invincible or perfect. Mary Sues and/or Gary Stus are prohibited.
  5. Player characters (PCs) cannot be related to canon characters.
    • Canon last names are not allowed without admin approval, with the exception of canon clan names or noble houses like Clan Vizsla, Clan Wren, House Organa, etc.
  6. Character profiles may only be 1500 words max when submitting for approval.
    • People are encouraged to add more content to their profiles with things accomplished via roleplay and they can keep adding to their bio after approval.
  7. An individual character cannot be enrolled in an organization and a main faction at the same time unless the organization is part of the faction.
  8. If a character dies it's assets may not be transferred to another character without approval from a moderator or admin.
  9. After a character dies, a character has one (1) week to finish their current roleplays. They may not enter any new threads or start any threads. In addition, the character forfeits any other pvps they are in. After one week the dead characters considered archived.
  10. You may only have ONE character that is council-level rank or above. For example, if you have a character on the Jedi Council you may NOT have a character that's a Rangers Command member. This only applies to main factions.
  11. Characters are to have their reputation tracker thread in their character profile as easy reference for other players.

You can find character templates in the Basic & Advanced Character Templates thread. You can also use other members’ templates by clicking "quote" on their post and copying their template.

Starting Reputation Level
  • All characters start at reputation level 'Unknown'. You can learn about reputation levels here but below is a short summary of what you should know.
  • Starting characters have no reputation or influence.
  • These characters cannot rule over anything or lead anything significant.
Starting Ranks
  • All new characters that belong to a faction start at the lowest rank. The starting ranks for each faction are: Jedi Knight or Padawan (Jedi Order). Guardian or Legionnaire (Sith Eternal). And Ranger (Sector Rangers)

  • Characters may only start with a small amount of gear and assets.
  • Characters cannot start off with any advanced technology. Advanced technology needs be earned from bounties or plots.
    • No character may possess a superweapon without approval of an administrator. Superweapons include but are not limited to Death Stars, Superlasers (unless they are some sort of ground based Ion Canon), Sun Crushers, Galaxy Guns, Darksabers, etc. Large scale explosives may be used on vessels.
  • All technology save for regular lightsabers, vibroblades and misc. generic melee weapons need to be linked to write ups in the Technology forum.

We have an Approved Species List you can browse through, which also has a disallowed list. While the list is not comprehensive, it is fairly extensive.
  • Any user-created species will have to be submitted in the Species forum and be approved before it can be used in the roleplay.
  • If there is a species you would like to use and it's not on the list, contact an administrator.

Character profiles are reviewed in the order they're posted. The following staff members review character profiles: @Rom and @MatureContentWarningx, but all admins can review profiles.

If you have any questions about character profiles you may PM the aforementioned staff members but DO NOT HARASS THEM FOR APPROVAL! THEY WILL GET TO YOUR CHARACTER PROFILE!

If you've made reviewer-requested edits and don't hear back from the profile reviewer after five days, you can tag the character moderators, but again don't harass them.

Q: Can I role play with my character before he or she is approved?
A: Yes you can role play with an unapproved character in everything but faction plots or PvPs.

Q: Can I make a descendant of my previous timeline character?
A: There will not be descendant characters from last timeline. Although certain names may still exist, but direct bloodline and ancestry would not.

Q: Can I play a droid character?
A: You can, but the droid model for the character needs to be Approved in the Tech boards and any devitations in the droid's character profile need to be approved by the Tech team.

Q: May I post a character that’s a work-in-progress?
A: No, the Character Profile section is only for finished characters that are ready for review. You can however post WIPs in the player workshop section and work on it there. When finished, copy the code and post in in this section.

Q: Do I post my character with my subaccount?
A: No. The subaccounts are only for in-character posting in the story sections only.

Q: Can force-users use both the light and dark sides of the force?
A: Use of the dark side inflicts corruption upon the user, making using both sides of the force impossible.

Q: Do we have a list of allowed force powers?
A: Yes, click here for a list of approved user-submitted as well as stock force powers. Force powers not present there need to be submitted and approved through the lore boards before they can be used in the roleplay.
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