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Dec 22, 2017
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Dark Side Corruption

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Dark Side of the Force

The Dark Side of the Force is an alluring and powerful aspect of the Force that has been clung to by many different sects and orders for milenia. The most prominent of these orders was historically that of the Sith, and their corruption in the dark side has become the fuel of nightmares.

The darkness offers to its users the ability to harness energy that many believe is even more powerful than the light by harnessing one's emotions and pouring them into the Force. This power has always come with a cost to the user and takes the form of Corruption of the Dark Side.

Corruption starts first in the mind of the darksider. Although using the dark side may be born out of positive intentions such as bettering the galaxy, the dark side corrupts all those who practice it. Eventually those good intentions become skewed and horrible actions are justified as the user inevitably seeks greater power for themselves.

Those who have described the internal corruption of the dark side have often described it like a monster or another being of darkness inside of them fighting to get loose and gain control. The power is an addicting thing, pulling the user deeper into the darkness and tempting them to never give back control. Once it has been sampled, the appetite for this power only grows.

Embracing this beast can become a path to greater power, but the longer the beast is in power, the more difficult it is to seize the reigns back. In the days of the Sith, embracing this monster was symbolically represented by taking a "Darth" name, thus putting to death the old self and embracing the person of darkness within. Those who have submitted to this power and fought to regain control through redemption have even been known in rare occasions to develop a second personality altogether, struggling to once again regain control of the body and mind.

As the corruption of the mind continues, the body often begins to show signs of such heavy use of the dark side as well. The physical signs vary widely from person to person, but some are more common than others. Often the first thing to change is the transformation of the iris from their natural color into a pale yellow or amber color. As corruption progresses, the skin often turns pale and sometimes shows darkened, streaking veins across the body. To those who have steeped themselves most deeply in the darkness, the skin will often become shriveled or cracked and the bodies of these people often appear emaciated. This appearance can be deceiving, however, as these individuals are often the strongest in the dark side, and the shriveled appearance belies a terrible strength and evil.

Force-sensitives who sense those corrupted by the dark side may feel many different things. It is most often described as a sensation of cold or like a foul smell in the nostrils. It can be sensed passively and takes a concerted for the corrupted individual to hide it.

The corruption of the dark side is most often gradual and is not limited to those who frequently follow the ways of darkness. Compromising one's ideals or facilitating darksiders can lead to the infection of the darkness slowly spreading to those nearby. Like a physical infection, proximity to the darkness for long periods can slowly lead to an unexpected corruption of those who claim to be "of the Light." Feelings of guilt and confusion for being complicit in facilitating others who carry out evil actions can become more difficult to resist and conceal, quickly becoming apparent to one's allies. Eventually, this almost inevitably leads to a full fall to the dark side.

To aid individuals in roleplaying Force users, the Dark Side, and corruption appropriately.

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