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  • If you find yourself curious/lurking about, please know that we still miss you, and would like to see you return for the new time line!
    I don't know what's going on, friend....but it's really sad to see you go! :(
    It's been over a while since you've posted on the class threads you've started with Ark: Energizing Developments, Taking and Reshaping, Question of Will, Altering the Flow of Self. It's been over a month on a few of them.

    It's more important though that you focus more on A Tredecillian Songbirds though, because that has more than just you and I in the thread.
    Yo Omins I finally set up the NPC assassin group I talk about developing. Its called the Death Clan. Here a link to the blog for it;

    Going to see if I can squeeze a post out of you for one of our class threads! Doesn't matter which one you pick, I'm fine with having a single thread getting a post, but if you could jot something down for them all? *hopeful face* That would make my week ;)
    *Points at Despous*

    Can you look him over so I can get back to playing him again? I miss his tude. :p
    Stats will be adjusted as soon as I get home to my PC; I will be gone all day until perhaps tonight or maybe early tomorrow. Thank you for accepting him in!
    POKE! For our Classes, but I know you're one of the busier of my RP partners, so I'm not really expecting so much all at once.
    Alter Flow of Self, Energizing Developments, Taking and Reshaping, Question of Will
    No, it'll make it pretty much impossible, because Ark isn't yet familiar with applying force speed anywhere other than his legs. Lol, I just deleted the last half of my post cause it was going into a surprising amount of detail on the one kick- I dare not read my duels if this is how descriptive I am...
    -Nut the good news is that Ark might actually learn something out of nearly breaking his legs because he decided it was a good idea not to brace himself for landing... eh you'll see it ;)
    Sure, do you want me to edit my post at all before you do that? Or is that what you mean, that you'll just kinda skip Lord after I edit.
    Reading and editing the "Altering Flow of Self" thread post now ;) I'l definitely keep it more on a teacher/student basis.
    I will do Nox proud! ;P

    "And over here lays Crusader V. He died on his first leadership assignment after tripping over a dead body. We don't really discuss the incident..."
    Woohoo! I would die without the internet ;) Have fun! And don't burn yourself out in responses :D
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