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101 ABY
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1.9 meters
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Milash Herren

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Milash Herren, was a technician active during 'The Force Eternal' era. Born between the stars, he intended to stay in them for as long as he could, knowing how much there was to find out beyond...



Being born onboard a starship held certain things Milash came to see as formative for him. For one thing, you were always on the move. No one destination was home, barely even the cot you slept in, which meant one was always ready to uproot oneself, and needed to be excited about seeing just what would be next to stave off frustration. And secondly, one was always close to the end of their days. A missed decompression or a bolt giving way and anyone, everyone could be gone. That was what had happened to his mother, anyhow, something slightly wrong on one of her routine inspections, and bang. Straight out into the beyond.

He still remembered the funeral, there had been no body. But, if nothing else the collective effort to keep on keeping on meant that the pain didn't last too long, it couldn't. And he doubted she would have wanted it to. And that meant someone needed to take up the mantle. Milash took up his tools as best he could. But without her there to teach him, he couldn't learn it all.

So, instead he did something new, and set foot on solid ground. Mon Gazza wasn't much of a home, but it offered a whole lot of work in the podracing scene for someone with his skills.

Engines everyday got him the skill test of a lifetime, and the harsh hours and worse pay meant it was do or die down there in the thick red dust of the planets surface. But he came through it all, and eventually scraped enough together to get off world once more. His soul had been screaming out to get back in the stars, and he was going to find a way to do so.

Personality and traits

Inquisitive, quiet, calm under pressure, Milash inherited a lot of traits from his mother, or so he was told anyhow. Though he could definitely get defensive when talking about his work, having to protect himself from other vulture-like mechanics on Mon Gazza when things didn't go right.

Beyond it, Milash is used to small communities from his childhood, and once he has made that bond is ready to go to many lengths to make sure it's maintained, and those in it are safe. And indeed he longs to get back to such small crew scenarios once more, after his extended stint in the bustling, terrifying games of Mon Gazza.

Though machines are clear, with answers and tics one might learn in time, people to Milash are harder beasts, and just as fascinating for that. He likes to know what makes one thing go and another not, and that applies to every aspect of the world, not merely the mechanical ones.

Powers and abilities

No Jedi or Sith, not even a gun-slinging criminal, Milash knew how things worked, and how to fix them, and that was just how he liked it.
  • Mechanics: Each and every piece has its certain place in the larger machine, and if Milash wasn't being modest he could figure out an apparatus reasonably quickly, and build one if the tools were handy.
  • Blasters: An extended stay on Mon Gazza meant keeping oneself safe was a must, he knows the basics of what to do.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Milash has always been considered a good listener, if nothing else.
  • Piloting: Growing up on a ship meant knowing what to do with it.
  • Repair: Both building and fixing units and equipment, Milash has jury-rigged his way out of more than a few disaster scenarios at this point.
  • Cooking: There can be quite a lot of downtime aboard starships, and that means putting effort into hobbies. When the ingredients were available, Milash learnt many a recipe.

Never one laden with credits, Milash's greatest personal asset is 'Veecee', a Vanguard-class Probe Droid who helps him with repairs, and remains his constant companion. Otherwise, a datapad, fusioncutter, and blaster round out his equipment.


Chapter 1 - The Back of Beyond


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