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Jun 4, 2014
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Jendu Gash





AGE: 19


HEIGHT: 5’11

WEIGHT: 80kg

FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, untrained​


Jendu Gash was born on Onderon to a family of traders and up until recently had never left the planet. It was confirmed shortly after the Duros’ birth that he was force sensitive, a trait that hadn’t been in the family since Jendu’s grandmother, who had been a fairly well respected Jedi Knight in her day. Jendu had a peaceful and privileged childhood, growing up as the middle child to his two brothers under the watchful eye of his busy parents.

However, Jendu’s position of relative luxury in society had unintended side effects during his early teens. From a young age his parents had made clear that he was unique, sometimes much to the dislike of his brothers. The teenager felt pressured to follow in the footsteps of his grandmother as he was being encouraged to do after her recent demise. Jendu began to drift off the rails, taking his education for granted and spending more time on dangerous escapades into the Onderon jungles with his friends. This was an especially easy and enjoyable pastime as subtle force abilities began to manifest themselves in the Duros.

It was his mother leaving Jendu’s family that prompted a sudden change in attitude. After some kind of argument, which Jendu’s father has never revealed the subject of, his mother decided to leave the family, travelling off world to live her life elsewhere. Jendu spent most of his later teens harboring a growing resentment for his mother who he felt had been selfish and heartless, with his father putting much less pressure on him to attempt to join the Jedi Order. The Duros secretly blamed himself for what had happened to his family, despite reassurance from his older brother Azel that the fault lay with nobody.

After Azel left to travel the galaxy in the hopes of earning his fortune similarly to how his parents had, Jendu decided he wanted to do something similar. His father protested, claiming that Jendu should wait until he was older to follow in his brother’s footsteps. But the now aging Duros knew that there was little that could be done and ensured Jendu at least had the resources he needed to survive in the galaxy. He also made Jendu promise to never travel further than the Mid Rim, warning him of the dangers of the less lawful parts of the galaxy.

After saying his goodbyes to his remaining family and friends on Onderon, Jendu travelled to the Iziz spaceport for a flight offworld. Prepared or not, Jendu now strikes out into the galaxy at large to find some semblance of purpose in his life.


Jendu still retains a measure of youthful optimism and naivety despite his somewhat turbulent teenage years, eager to see what the stars outside the Japrael system have to offer. Having recieved special treatment by adults for a large portion of his childhood, Jendu has developed a dislike of attention and is generally not very outspoken. However, he still possesses a strong desire for adventure and excitement, sharing a rebellious streak with many of his family members.

Skills & Attributes

Jendu knows how to fire a blaster and maintains some semblance of melee technique from the martial arts classes he was enrolled in as a child. However, he possesses no real combat experience and isn’t a particularly imposing combatant with his skinny build and non-threatening demeanour.

The Duros has a good understanding of galactic business practice, picked up from the businesses of his parents, and he has received the high quality education expected of a trader’s son. He didn’t put the greatest amount of effort into many of the classes he attended and as a result was considered lazy or unmotivated by his teachers.

Jendu’s very limited force usage has all been developed from the irresponsible adventures he and his friends used to go on. The group of wayward youths were saved from many near lethal situations by what seemed to be dumb luck at the time. Jendu had always secretly believed the Force was guiding him.



Higher for Hire
Jendu pays freighter captain Chant Sindhu in return for transport off of Onderon, negotiating the fees in a diner opposite the spaceport.

Misfortune on Eos Fortuna
Jendu and Chant find themselves caught up in rioting on a station in the Charros system, attempting to return to their ship unscathed.
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