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Nov 29, 2010
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Character Name and Reputation Level: @Zarine Bashere (Unknown)
Character Rank: Guardian
Name (and link) of Plot: We Don't Need No Education
Participants in the Plot (Character Accounts): @Zarine Bashere @Ana DAmico @Talak Rand @Ventrik Storm
Intended Outcome of Plot: Elections on Serenno are manipulated to install SE friendly candidates in the education and prison boards and a friendly warden is hired at the prison known as the Spike. Along the course of the plot a crime lord on Serenno called the Meatman is recruited to work under Zarine and will be used as a front for her future criminal activities.
Any PvP or Staff DMing involved? No
Link to Dice Roll Thread (if applicable): None
Link to Desired Item/Power/Etc (if applicable): The Meatman now works for Zarine and she gains his reputation and assets as she plans to use him as an alias to run her operations. This also aligns with the Eternal's instructions to gain allies (influence with politicians) so might justify some reward from them.
Relevant Threads and a Description Per Thread in Chronological Order:
  • Prison Call - Zarine and Talak assault two guards working for the warden they hope to convince to help them, but are spotted by operatives working for a local crime lord named the Meatman. They track him down and confront him, breaking into his mind and convincing him to work for Zarine. He gives them information on the warden, who they finally visit and convince to support them in the upcoming elections. (While it was not explicitly mentioned in the thread, he will also help to appoint a friendly warden as his replacement once he retires as he was asked to wait for instructions. I hope that the length of the thread justifies this.)
  • The Value of Education - Zarine, Ana, and Ventrik infiltrate the location of the upcoming school board election as employees of the school board. They enter the server room to install a program that will remove the two candidates who had already bought the election from consideration, leaving their selected candidates to get the win with the others ruled out.


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Jul 17, 2017
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Hey there! So, looking over this, seemed like quite the little adventure you had. An interesting way to get a foothold on Serenno, I'm interested to see where this all goes. For this plot, though, it shall have my...



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Dec 1, 2015
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@Wit just fyi Talak is tagged by @The Arcanist now.

Otherwise it looks good!

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