War and Diplomacy

Josiah Rendar

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Sep 2, 2007
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During the thousands of years that the Bendu Order watched over the Ashlan Expanse, the only war that broke out was the Ashlan Civil War. After that, the Bendu Order only became involved in the Great Sovereign Crusades. During that conflicted, they adopted guerilla tactics and used them to great effects when they were staging attacks against the Jedi Order. During the war, the Bendu did not hand out official military ranks, though some knights and priests ended up taking on more responsibility than others. The High Priest and Council of Priests oversaw the war efforts, and the remainder of the priest served as unofficial military commanders. However, those tactics also proved to be their downfall, because it allowed them to become cocky and complacent which in turn led to the exile of the Jedi which then led to the Sith takeover of Coruscant. However, that proved to be the catalyst for the end of the crusades, and shortly thereafter the Bendu returned to Kal’Shabbol.

During the age of awakening, the Bendu adopted a policy used by the Jedi Bendu and decided that it would no longer participate in wars as fighters, as they believed that it went against their role as the guardians of peace and justice in the Ashlan Expanse. While some argued that to be guardians of peace and justice one would have to fight to defend those who needed defending, the majority of the Bendu believed that they could be attained through diplomacy and negotiation if the situation ever arose. Though their negotiations between rival groups were sometimes blunt in nature, they never resorted to violence unless they were attacked first.