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121 ABY

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2.13 meters
147 kilograms

Chronological and political information

· Five Syndicates
___· Crimson Dawn


Ty'kh (pronounced /ˈtaɪkə/) is a human male from the planet Ordo who came to prominence for his affiliation with the nefarious Crimson Dawn organization. An artist at heart, Ty stumbled into a life of crime somewhat half-haphazardly. Having since taken a liking to luxuries knavery had to offer, the small-time swindler seeks to leave his mark upon the galaxy accumulating as much wealth as possible along the way.


Early Life

Ty'kh hailed from the planet Ordo amidst the chaos that threatened the engulfed the Outer Rim Territories in 121 ABY. Told by his mother, a Coruscanti-born scholar that his father had been a Marshal with the Sector Rangers and that he had died protecting the citizens of Mos Eisely from a raid orchestrated by members of the Son-Tuul Pride, Ty grew up wanting to be just like him. Left to his own devices for much of his formative years, he developed as a self-learner training to join the rangers as soon as he was of age.

However, when Ty'kh turned 18, his mother told him the truth: not only was his father, a Mandalorian foundling, still alive, but he had abandoned his family in pursuit of the creed. Devastated, Ty disenrolled from the ranger academy and renounced his family name. For the next two years, Ty'kh gallivanted across the galaxy discovering an interest for the arts, learning many languages and surviving merely on his charms and the kindness of stranger. As the latter became increasingly rare, he began to pull small cons for sustenance.

Finding himself on Nar Shaddaa in 135 BBY, Ty'kh try to defraud Vivienne Donatade out of a lofty sum. Amused and somewhat impressed by his talents, the leader of Crimson Dawn offered him a choice: she would either have his head, or he would come work for her. Rather interested in his continued existence, Ty opted to integrate the criminal organization.

Personality and traits

A dashing rogue with a carefree attitude, Ty is often perceived as simple minded and shallow. While he does go with his "gut feeling" sometimes and rely on intuition, he does not value personal authenticity, lasting emotional connections, and preoccupation with personal journeys. Ty'kh rarely makes himself vulnerable, hiding behind a facade of indifference or cheerfulness when he is upset.

Fun-loving, optimistic, realistic, and focused on the here and now, the youthful con artist prides himself on being unconventional and bold. he is excitable, knows when to trust his impulses, yet he wants to make a splash. A troubleshooting leader, he responds to problems that arise by thinking and planning. Primarily, he approaches problem-solving from a perspective of getting things done efficiently as opposed to worrying about how each option will affect people involved.

Although he would describe himself as a romantic, Ty'kh does not like to share his judgments or true feelings. While he lives in the moment and lends excitement – and unpredictability – to all his relationships, he rarely let anyone get really close to him preferring secrecy and maintaining an aura of mystery about his past.

Powers and abilities

Though Force sensitive, Ty'kh avoided detection from the Jedi Order and his supernatural abilities have remained latent, only manifesting themselves as intuitions or making other people more susceptible to his charm.


Though he has no fondness for its inelegance, Ty'kh carries a Power 5 Blaster Pistol.
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This character intrigues me. I'd love to see more of him and maybe even RP with him if that's how the cards fall. For now, though, he has my...