Tycho's Alvaldur-Class Armor


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Aug 16, 2018
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Rugged and effective like the typical Alvaldur-class Deucalian armor. Tycho has modified his armor to suit his own personal needs. Downgrading it from the heavy class to the medium class armor. Despite that the armor is still affective as the rebel officer's battle armor. Earned Here


Illegal due to it being owned by a Rebel Officer.


To create a write up of Tycho's personal armor.

Yes it is advanced

Type and Coverage

Type: Medium Armor

Coverage: (Coverage regions for Light armor is 1-3 regions, Medium is 4-5, Heavy is 6-7)
  • Head: Full facial coverage, back of the head and neck.
  • Torso: Chest, sides and stomach.
  • Back: Upper and lower back
  • Upper Arms: Shoulders to the elbows
  • Upper Legs: Thighs, groin and backside

Function 1: Scatterweave
  • An incredibly rare and expensive material. Scatterweave is a coating that reflects very little light, making it extremely useful at night. It also "scatters" the wearer's heat signature, making it difficult for automated systems to get a precise fix on the wearer's location without intense scans. Use on vehicles or ships would be prohibitively expensive to an astounding degree. Earned Here
Function 2: Armorweave
  • Most often in the form of a cape or underlay beneath armor, modern armorweave provides protection against the penetrating effects of shrapnel from explosives, basic slugthrowers, and unpowered melee weapons using a tightly woven lattice of the material. It offers no protection against kinetic impact or energy, and vibroweapons (or similar "powered" weapons) cut or burn right through. Having more than one accessory (example: Cape + underweave) provides no additional effect.
Function 3: Environment Suit
  • While it is not rated for extended exposure to extreme hazards, this body suit (when combined with an enclosed helmet) can protect the wearers body from the effects of environmental and weaponized toxins and similar hazards for up to 5 posting rounds.
Function 4:TBA
  • Function Description Here