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Dec 22, 2017
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Valley of Kings, Moraband
The Sith Empire

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The Tomb of Darth Malos

"May you forever live on within the Force, and may it forever guide you to your eternal freedom into a world unchained."

—Empress Andraste at Darth Malos' funeral⁽¹⁾

The Tomb of Darth Malos was the burial place of Darth Malos, first High Inquisitor and one of the first Sith Lords. Built shortly before his untimely demise in 0 ABC, his body was buried and sealed within that same year, following his death at the hands of Nayeli Aeron, who was laid to rest somewhere else.


2. Intent

Construction of the tomb of Darth Malos began construction a few days after he defeated Warlord Ryras Nur in kaggath⁽²⁾ and officially became a Sith Lord. His tomb features a simplistic cave system, with several corridors leading to deadly traps while one leads to the main chamber, where his coffin lays, along with the possessions he was buried with. It is decorated with several busts or other statues of both Malos and those he held close (the Doctor, Abigail Nimbus, and Eisa Swan), along with several paintings depicting his greatest successes, including but not limited to: razing the Jedi Temple on Ossus⁽³⁾, regaining his Force sensitivity following his escape from Jedi imprisonment⁽⁴⁾, and defeating Warlord Nur⁽²⁾. Near his grave, several of his possessions lay, waiting for the next contender to come and take them. These are: his lightsaber, former Warlord Ryras Nur's lightsaber, a coat made out of the fur of the Warlord, and Malos' set of armor. He never created any holocrons while alive, so those are the only trophies one could plunder from his grave.