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Nov 26, 2018
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NAME: Toffin Yate

FACTION: None-freelance

RANK: Knight/Champion-equivilant

SPECIES: Revwien

AGE: 62 standard years

GENDER: plant-based, masculine identity

HEIGHT: 2.2 meters

WEIGHT: 241 kilograms

FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes-light side

A bulbous pear-shaped yellow gourd of a body, standing approximately 1.4 meters in length. Thick, solid, doll. Resting atop a spread of 7 large purple-pink iridescently hued leaves used for locomotion and manipulation. Beneath these hangs a tangle of fine root-like appendages that can be used for minor manipulation as well as a form of audible communication. Atop the body rests a red mushroom capped growth with visual budstalks encircling the edges in all directions.

Solid and heavy, Toffin is capable in a fight simply due to his makeup, sheer size, and physically hardy constitution. The Revwien
is able to finely manipulate items in his environment while also possessing the strength to move his massive bulk with ease. He is extremely flammable and without applications of the force moves about in a slow shuffling movement; however bodily movements/reactions in his immediate area are comparable to the average sentient being.

Revwien are known to be edible and quite tasty when prepared properly.

As a force user, Toffin is a member of his native force-using association known as the Tyia, counting himself as a Thuwisten amongst their ranks. This adherence has allowed him to develop a certain skill set of both force and utilitarian abilities to include:
-Gardening - skilled
-Animal Husbandry/care - adept
-(Force Power) Teleportation - adept
-(Force Power) Force Speed -skilled
-(Force Power) Force Phase - basic understanding
-(Force Power) Force Enhancement - durability only - skilled
-Meditation (both force and utilitarian based) - adept

Toffin is also capable in the following areas:
-basic starship maintenance and system repair - basic
-looking inconspicuous - adept
-digging - beginner
-heavy labor - skilled

-Lightsaber combat - unknown/unskilled, has never even held a lightsaber before

Calm to a fault, content to wait; choosing only to act when he feels there is no other solution. Toffin has an insatiable curiosity which has driven him into the galaxy to see all that can be seen in due time. Naively desires to see the good in everyone and struggles to comprehend the evils of the galaxy, assuming that another’s actions, regardless of severity are done with an unseen greater good in mind.

Toffin is a sentient botanical being from the world of Revyia. He is a force sensitive member of the Revyia-based light side force affiliation, Tyia; with whom he has studied for several decades. Revering peace and the preservation of life along with an insatiable curiosity for things unknown, Toffin has felt the call of the galaxy in an attempt to understand the greater picture of the universe’s woes and how they work toward the good of all and the place of not only himself but his people and all others within. A soft-spoken peaceful monk, Toffin found simple work as a basic mechanic aboard a variety of star-liners allowing him to barter work for transport.

-A leather belt with a variety of pockets and pouches to carry miscellaneous trinkets and baubles along with the few credits

-amulet necklace with a golden triangular centerpiece to which were attached 17 green jade beads, as well as 4 green jade discs





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