The Hollows

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Apr 28, 2015
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An arena designed for combative sparring among the Matukai, the Hollows is where Matukai go to sharpen their skills against one another or to simply engage in martial meditations. Utilized largely by the Matukai Proselytes as they develop their own combative prowess before venturing out into the greater galaxy along with their mentors, the Hollows was additionally used by the Adepts and Savants, although it was much more frequent with the former than the latter. Combat in the Hollows was full contact, and even included the use of real weapons, although it was not a necessity.

Monitored closely by the Templar Guardians, particularly during matches with Matukai Proselytes, in order to ensure the Proselytes do not seriously harm themselves or each other, participation in the Hollows is not only permitted by all, but is also encouraged. Utilizing the Hollows to refine their talents as warriors, Matukai frequently use sparring matches to train various forms of martial arts and work to become proficient with many sorts of melee weapons, most popularly being the signature weapon of the Matukai, the wan-shen. However, all manner and kinds of swords, daggers, spears, axes, staves, scythes and even whips are considered viable weapons in the Hollows. In the event of Jedi being accepted as Disciples among the Matukai, sparring with lightsabers is permitted with a Matukai warrior proficiently skilled with energizing their own weapons with the Force.
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