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First Defense Mercenary Enclave

The First Defense Mercenary Enclave is a newly formed Mercenary Enclave centered at, and in control over, the Chardaan shipyards at Chardaan. Their primary function is to operate as a non-profit giving escort, ship recovery, and security detail missions to mercenaries with a heavy emphasis on giving the mercenaries a sizeable cut of the profit from their jobs. All other profit is redirected to the shipyards, where vessels are created and either sold privately or donated to the Jedi Order, and further construction of the enclave.


Created by the Arkanian Mira Britannia and the human Lance Vane, the First Defense Mercenary Enclave was designed to give mercenaries from all walks of life a source from which to gain meaningful, profitable, and legal employment in an ever-expanding galaxy of criminal syndicates and pirate groups. While the enclave was created by Mira Britannia, it is not run by her. A former planetary governor of Chardaan, Micheal Harda, currently heads the organization as CEO.

Micheal Harda is particularly a good choice to run the Enclave on its face due to his former associations with the Deucalians and his black market connections on Chardaan. However, while Harda runs the enclave as CEO, its actions are driven by its shareholders, of which Mira Britannia and Lance Vane hold a majority.

A relatively new enclave, the First Defense Mercenary Enclave has yet to make a strong mark on the galaxy, but it intends to be a name that goes down in history.


The First Defense Mercenary Enclave is more of a business than anything else, so its structure follows a more standardized structure based on civilian life rather than military terms. The head of the business is referred to as the CEO, and his assistant is the co-CEO, for example.

Outside of its leaders, the FDME employs a wide variety of mercenaries, accountants, and dockyard personnel. It keeps a sizeable contingent of mercenaries on hand for quick service and large-scale protection jobs for individuals and private companies. Should the need arise, these mercenaries can also be called upon to defend the enclave itself. Accountants help with the balancing of the books, seeing to it that mercenaries get paid, taxes are filed, and profits are redirected to the construction of ships for the Jedi order.

Lastly, a significant number of employees are just shipbreakers and assembly droids. Taking apart any salvage brought in for valuable materials and constructing new vessels to fill orders as needed.

Products and Services​

The FDME does not actually create any ship designs themselves, though if someone submitted a custom design they would be able to craft the vessel to the best of their abilities. They offer themselves mostly as a small vessel construction facility and shipbreaking factory. They also, of course, offer mercenaries for protection, escort, bounty hunting, and local planetary defense jobs. The only restriction on their mercenary recruitment and employment is that all jobs taken must follow all local and galactic laws of the sector in which they operate.


The intent of this enclave is to do two things. One, create a self-sufficient NPC organization to create ships for the Jedi Order. Two, create a base of mercenaries that can be called upon by Hera Albion to do jobs for her and for the Jedi. Consequently, this organization also provides an air of legitimacy for other PCs to use in their jobs. The main sets of jobs offered legally would be protection, escort, and planetary defense contracts, as this organization is not attempting to circumvent the bounty hunter's guild. This organization was established IC here, when Micheal Harda transferred over his shares of Chardaan shipyards to Hera and Dash.
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