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Dec 15, 2017
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Technometry is not, as some people believe, the ability to suddenly over-write the will of a droid or to suddenly have the ability to control a starship through it's onboard systems without the need for a crew. The most common use for Technometry is also the easiest and it is simply a way for Force Users to interface directly with devices to learn information far faster than most Force Blind sentients can. This is most often seen in cases where Jedi or Sith will touch a datapad and be able to know the information contained within almost instantly through use of the technique.

The more data is processed, the more focus it takes from the user - checking the weather from a datapad would be instant and cost virtually no concentration but being able to interface with and understand an entire military report, for example, would take more concentration and would take a few seconds for it to be processed. People using the power are often said to have glassy eyes while they process the information.

More accomplished users of the technique can use it in two other prime ways; mimicking a 'mind trick' on a droid and better interfacing with prosthetic limbs. The droid 'mind trick' can often fall short when used against particularly advanced droids (droid PCs) and suffers from the same overall drawbacks as the regular mind trick.

Connecting to prosthetic limbs through Technometry allows for the user to feel much more connected to their replacement limbs, able to make even the most basic of prosthetic limbs carry sensation to the user in the same way that more advanced models do. Through the use of Technometry it is possible, though the rituals have been lost to time, to use technology and the Force together to create a fusion of flesh and tech in the form of abominations.

It is not possible to fully assume control of an electronic device beyond the droid mind trick or prosthetic limbs - the mind trick because it is tricking a small system temporarily and the prosthetic because of how they are linked directly to the user's nervous system.

All Technometry applications require touch to actually begin the technique and it can be interrupted by early removal of the physical contact. Slicers in the same system can also attack Technometry users by causing power surges through their connection, which can leave the connecting point to the device in question suffering from numbness equivalent to a medium stun round.