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Dec 22, 2017
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Sith Alchemy


Dark Side of the Force


Sith alchemy appears very differently depending on which techniques are being employed. However, it has a very distinctive feel in the Force. Those unaccustomed to feeling Sith alchemy were feel as though it is sapping all of their strength when in the presence of something created or enchanted by it. Those who could perceive the Force through their sight could also see Sith alchemy as song-like ripples of energy, distinctive from how the Force typically looks.

Sith alchemy draws on the more arcane aspects of the Force, allowing the practitioner to pull off otherwise impossible feats. However, there is a catch; Sith alchemy requires extensive preparation time and knowledge of the ancient Sith language and their rituals to properly perform. As a result, only the most disciplined individuals are capable of specializing in Sith alchemy.

However, once one has learned the skills necessary to perform Sith alchemy, the feats they can accomplish are limited only by their imaginations. Rituals to produce realistic hallucinations, to peer into other corners of the galaxy, twist wildlife into deadly abominations, and generate arcane fire all fall under the purview of Sith alchemy. Sith alchemy can also be combined with science to generate terrible diseases capable of infecting, torturing, and even killing the masses. It can also used to forge artifacts and weapons fit for a darksider.

The caveat of Sith alchemy is that it always exacts a cost proportional to the effects it produces. In most minor cases, a drop of the practitioner's blood is sufficient; however, the bigger the effect, the higher the stakes.

Due to the current position of the Sith in the galaxy, the rare nature of alchemy, and the unusual nature of the techniques, learning to use alchemy will require an extensive plot to recover these techniques. Likewise, its use is limited in PvP and is primarily for PvE or plot purposes. With the death of Sith spirits, these techniques may not be used to bring back Sith dead.

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