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she/her — 22 — dathomirian zabrak— fs

Reikki (or "Rei") is Nightsister who used to work as a mercenary alongside her two sisters, but after being separated from them, remains in a limbo while she tries to figure out what exactly she wants to do with her life.

Reikki is a Nightsister born and raised on Dathomir with her sisters, Akkali and Kaiyak. They were both adopted into the Veiled Sun Clan at a young age after their birth Clan was massacred. Despite not being blood of the clan, they were accepted and treated as such regardless. For Nightsisters, the 'blood of the covenant' was always thicker than the 'water of the womb.'

Though she lost her parents, Reikki was much too young to even remember them, and thus her childhood was fairly standard for a nightsister. She grew up learning to hunt and fight with little access to standard galactic technology, and she learned the nightsister magicks from the clan mother. Reikki was happy, but the girl always knew that wanderlust would one day lead her away from her home village and out into the strange, greater galaxy.

After passing her trial, receiving her tattoos, and becoming a full-fledged adult, Reikki and her sisters decided to leave Dathomir behind for the time being to set their sights on the galaxy. They acquired a ship which they named Bog Standard - a play on their home and the ship's average quality - and set off to use their Nightsister magicks in mercenary work. This work wouldn't last very long for the three; together, at least.

During one of the sisters' contracts, things went south. A ship malfunction resulted in their vessel crashing, and consecutive unfortunate circumstances left the three stranded from one another in various states of injury. Reikki only remembers being knocked unconscious, then waking up to a pair of strangers carrying her back to her ship. They were kind enough to stabilize her and drop her off at the nearest spaceport, but unfortunately, they had seen nothing of her two sisters.

Alone for the first time in her life, Reikki is in a bit of a limbo while she decides just what she'll do going forward.

Skills & training.
Reikk is proficient in Nightsister magicks, as well as skills such as hunting, tracking, trapping, etc. She is also a decent pilot, though it can be questionable at times.

She speaks her native language, Dathomiri, as well as Galactic Basic.

Weapons & Assets.
DL-18 Blaster Pistol,
Plasma Bow,
C4T-Series Protocol Droid, "Marshmallow" (ref)

— Family.
Akkali (status: UNKNOWN)
Kaiyak (status: UNKNOWN)

— Friends.
Marshmallow (droid)
Mallory San Marca

— Other.
> NOTE <

Chapter one — Wanderlust
Three's Company
When At First You Don't Succeed
Soft Jazz and Hot Lattes
Monster Hunting Wihtout The Fancy ...
Old Leather and Dusty Pages
Spaceports, History Books, and Shared Interets

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Dec 19, 2019
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