Promotions: Bounties, Missions & Battles


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Jul 16, 2012
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Bounties, Missions & Battles
It has been a matter of much debate about the overall "worth" of missions, bounties and battles and how they contribute to your overall promotion. This post is to clarify exactly and definitively what each of your threads is worth to the Cartel. But to first do that, we must look at the Guide to Promotion.

Prospect to Enforcer said:
Provide/point out links to at least 4 Cartel jobs the PC did (at least two need to be missions).
Enforcer to Captain said:
Provide/point out links to at least 8 Cartel jobs the PC had completed while an Enforcer. (at least four need to be missions).

When talking about a Cartel "job", we are referring to another character requesting or hiring the services of yours. This might be an Enforcer asking a prospect to come along and 'watch my back', or Vero the Hutt demanding that you go and collect someone or something. These all qualify as jobs.

The requirement states that at least two missions are required to attain promotion to Enforcer (or four in the case of Captain). Missions are located in the Hutt Cartel Mission Database.

It is the final decision of the Cartel Leadership team that Bounties, participation in Battles and impromptu 'jobs' (like the ones I gave examples for before) will all contribute as one (1) job each towards the credits you need for promotion. To clarify, you may meet the requirement by having four (4) missions or any combination of bounties, battles, jobs and missions - as long as you have two (2) missions.

Furthermore, missions and threads undertaken while a Prospect may not be used as credits towards promotion from Enforcer to Captain.

The Cartel Leadership would like to apologize for any miscommunication on the matter, and any mixed messages you may have received. It is agreed that this is the final alteration to the manner by which we 'value' each thread that your character participates in and we hope that this clarifies any concerns you may have about attaining promotions.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to PM me.

- Cassanova
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