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Jan 4, 2024
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Caul stood in front of a pale monolith. The hewn stone radiated warmth and tranquility, he reached out and ran his calloused hands over the etched surface. He felt emotion prick his eyes as a lump formed in his throat. His tawny eyes stared at a single name: Rin Itchigo. He let out a shaky breath then checked to make sure no one was listening.

Hey, Rin. It’s been a while so I, uh, I just wanted to come by and say hi.” That was so stupid, why did he do this? Rin was a part of the force now, she wasn’t suffering, she wasn’t in anguish, he was. “They’re starting to send me on more missions, I guess I’m finally stable enough… So, there’s that,” he blinked back tears, by the force this was hard. Why was this always so hard?

I, uh… I’ve made some new friends,” he clenched his jaw tight as the admission made him feel like a traitor, then he scoffed, “You’d love Shaw, all the girls do. He’s awesome, doesn't have a clue what he’s doing, ever, but it always just kinda works out for him,” there was plenty of jealousy in his tone, but there was also plenty of admiration.

Oh, I met someone who was like you! Well, no offense she’s way nicer than you, but she’s a Consitor Sato user like you were, and she’s makes the best cookies I’ve ever had in my life,” he smiled, “Prani, the girl I was telling you about, isn’t the only baker i’ve met recently, either, you’d be so jealous…

The words drifted away and the world went with it. “I miss you. I miss our talks,” he scoffed, a mixture of pain and sorrow coloring the sound, “I miss fighting with you—


Caul flinched as if struck and wiped the tears from his eyes with the back of his sleeve. He pulled out his datapad, and read the message that popped up on the screen as he unlocked it: PADAWAN CAUL BARRET, this is a reminder that the transport shuttle bound for STARLIGHT BEACON, will be departing in fifteen minutes. May the Force be with you.

Caul sighed, “Sorry Rin, guess I gotta go…” his hand drifted back to the stone, lingering on her name, and then slipping away, “I’ll come back by when I get back, okay?” he said taking a couple steps away unable to break his gaze. He ran a hand through his hair, ignored how stupid he felt for talking to a rock, and finally turned jogging off toward the hangar.

As he ran, he began the familiar process of stowing his emotions; he worked through the techniques he’d been taught to bring himself to center. There was a lot up in the air with this mission and he needed a clear head. He’d be going to a city planet and just the thought of all the people he’d be surrounded by made him nervous, but he knew he could do this, and so he repeated, “I’m still alive,” over and over under his breath as he ran.

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