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Aug 5, 2018
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Hey! I'm looking for anyone willing to thread with my character Hal Mikko, whether that be through one-offs or through long-term plots (though preferably the latter). In particular I'm looking to build connections between him and other characters, whether that connection be friendly or antagonistic in nature. Feel free to reply here, DM on the site, or hit me up on Discord.

Hal is a Jedi Knight who's itching to get back in the field following a long voyage into Wild Space. Though he's a talented warrior, his faith in himself has been eroded due to his failures as a mentor as well as his lackluster tenure as a Jedi. This insecurity has led him to become eager to prove himself.

Though any character from any faction could work, some ideas are (but not limited to):
  • Any Jedi looking for a partner. It could be a fellow Knight (or group), a Padawan looking for some guidance, or a Master who doesn't mind teaching Hal a thing or two.
  • Any Sith looking to build a close relationship. This could either an intense rivalry, or a situation where they're forced to work together, or even a civil conversation between differing viewpoints.
  • A way to get involved in the conflict on Mandalore, discretely or otherwise. I know many Mandalorians are distrustful of Force users, but I feel like that distrust could lead to some really interesting plot-lines.
  • A criminal who serves as an underworld contact of sorts. Maybe Hal could provide something in return...


Akaan Salyr
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Dec 14, 2020
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DM for anything that has to do with Mandalore! I'm sure we can work some stuff out!