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Laila Din

she/her — 18 — tiefling — fs

Laila Din is a Princess of Eiattu, a musician, a practiced martial artist, and a social media influencer all packed into one short pink-hued tiefling. Freshly eighteen, the girl has taken it upon herself to find her own path in the Galaxy. Just not too far from Ma and Pa. She'd miss their doting too much.

Laila is 5'4" (without the horns), athletic, and always dressed in the latest fashions. She's never without her phone or her Wan-Shen.

Laila was born on Bandomeer to a couple of tiefling farmers. She was the last born in a family that already had nine other children, practiced the Matukai martial arts, and held family jam sessions on Wednesdays. The Din’s were an interesting bunch, and she was the spoiled rotten baby of the family. For most of her childhood, she spent her days her, attending school, working on the farm, learning how to hone her skills in Matukai, and playing princess with whoever she could bother to.

After her older brother, Altair, was crowned the King of Eiattu, she was elevated to nobility. She was really “Princess Laila Din” all of a sudden. She, along with her parents and her older brother Emir, moved to his castle on Eiattu where she was only spoiled further. She loved living in the lap of luxury, though she never gave up her Matukai training. The girl maintained that she wanted to be just like her kingly brother someday. And when she was old enough, she took further steps to follow in his — she joined the Imperial Knights as their newest Squire.

However, the Imperial Knights fell short of Laila’s expectations. She found herself resenting her masters, irritated with the training, bored with the missions, and feeling boxed in, caged, and restricted in what she could do. She left briefly to finish her schooling, and when she returned, tried to renew her passion for the Empire. But despite her determination, she applied for leave and was discharged a year before the knight trials.

Perhaps, rather than follow in her brother’s, she would have to find her own path in this galaxy.

Skills & training.
Laila speaks her native language, Meerien, as well as Galactic Basic.

As a member of the Din family, Matukai martial arts are quite literally "in her blood." She's been practicing these martial arts since she was old enough to walk and had additional supplementary training in other aspects of combat when she was apart of the Imperial Knights as a Squire. As a result, though competent enough in all basic uses of the Force, she prefers to keep things close and personal, using it to augment her own abilities.

Like most of her family, Laila has a musical ear and spent her childhood playing her siblings' hand-me-down instruments. She prefers stringed instruments (including the piano) and is becoming partial to the violin and cello.

Weapons & Assets.

Latest EZPhone model (NalPhones are so last year)

Family —
Laila's family is so big it even has its own wiki page. She's on good terms with all of her family members as far as she knows, but she idolizes her older brother Altair, and is particularly close with her parents.

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