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Oct 30, 2019
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Some planets are steeped in the energies of the dark side of the Force. The cores of these planets overflow in a magical substance known as ichor, which can be manipulated with the Force to induce certain types of sorcery. The Nightsisters of Dathomir are the most famous users of this type of Force power, but the ancient Sith of Moraband were just as capable.

Korriban magick refers to the use of the ichors at the core of Korriban to preform Sith magic. This ichor appears as a reddish-white/black mist that permeates from the sorcerers hands when using the Force. It also causes the sorcerer's eyes to glow bright crimson. Because Korriban is a world that has been continuously plundered over centuries of war, its dark side nexuses tapped to their limits, accessing this ichor is not as easy as it was in ancient times. But some are still born with the natural ability to manipulate this energy for Force magic.


Korriban magick is an expression of the dark side of the Force and supplants the user's natural Force abilities. For example, while telekinesis is a general Force ability, when one who has been born with Korriban magick uses it, they do so through the connection to the ichors of Korriban. For one not born with an affinity for the ichor, the magick is highly corruptive and quickly warps their mind, rendering them an abomination.

For those who can control it, though, the magick allows for the production of elaborate and maddening illusions, mental manipulation, conjuration, and the creation of abominations. As an inborn ability, it can be used unknowingly without training (as the Force generally can); but is extremely dangerous, as an untrained sorcerer has very little control over the chaotic effects their magic can produce.

Because Korriban magick issues from the core of the planet, Sith witches and warlocks are strongest when they are on their homeworld. However, like the Nightsisters, they are able to use their power offworld with ease. Below are some specific examples of how Korriban magick can be applied:
  • Hex Bolt: A concussive blast of red ichor. The blast works similar to a Force push, but more concentrated and with more significant range. The blasts can crack and split stone but can be neutralized if they come into contact with the energy blade of a lightsaber (though not reflected like a blaster bolt could).
  • Red Lightning: Like other powerful dark siders, Korriban magick allows for the production of Force lightning. These electrical blasts are indistinguishable from ordinary Force lighting except for their red tint.
  • Levitation: Experienced sorcerers can apply their telekinetic powers to levitate off the ground while shrouded in a red aura. While this ability does not allow proper flight, it can allow the caster to propell themselves a considerable distance, softening the blow before landing.
  • Illusionary Enchantment: Sorcerers can enchant a piece of jewelry (typically a necklace or bracelet) that can allow them to illusionary alter their appearance. Depending on the strength of the enchantment, these alterations can be anything from a full illusion, changing their species, sex, and other physical characteristics, or a simple change of clothing. The illusion is self-sustaining, tied to the object it was cast upon, and can only be broken if the illusion is released or the object damaged.
  • Choking: A variation on the standard Force choke wherein the sorcerer conjures thin red chords of mystical energy to strangle their foes.
  • Absorption/Redirection: By coating the hands in red ichor, the caster is able to absorb Force energy projected at them. They can either then dispel the energy or immediately reflect it. There are limits to how effective the absorption is. The caster can easily absorb and reflect energy attacks that issue from foes at their level or weaker than them, but struggle against more powerful foes.
  • Conjuration: The caster can summon weapons or objects from across vast distances when they need them. These objects materialize in an ichor smoke.
  • Mind probing: The caster can search their target's memories and emotions by casting a spell. Targets of similar or weaker mental fortitude to the user are much easier to crack than stronger willed targets, unless that target is exhausted or significantly drugged.
  • Mental Manipulation: Sith sorcerers are dangerous for their ability to warp the minds of their victims, projecting terrifying illusions, inducing lucid hallucinations, and all other manner of mental torture.
  • Healing: Traditionally thought to be a power exclusive to the Light, Korriban magick does permit casters to preform basic healing spells. These spells allow the caster to knit up external wounds but cannot infuse life energy the way Light healing can.
  • Astral Projection: While Sith can never achieve conscious presence in the Force after death, some Sith sorcerers are able to separate their consciousness from their bodies while they are alive and project them across distances. This allows them to pour over reading materials, such as holocrons, even while their physical body sleeps. Projection has its limitations. The spirit cannot travel far from the body without severing the link, causing physical death. The technique also requires the body to be stashed in a safe place, as it is venerable while the spirit is projected.
  • Teleportation: Like the Nightsisters, Sith sorcerers have the ability to teleport short distances through their magic.
  • Shield: The caster can project a shield of red ichor capable of absorbing incoming energy and blaster attacks for a brief burst.
While this general list does not account for every spell afforded a Sith sorcerer, most other forms of sorcery require elaborate rituals that include props, blood, and other sacrifices to preform.


A reskin of Nightsister magick to explain why my Korriban witch has red magic instead of green =P

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