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Nov 26, 2019
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NAME: Kliedden "Klied" Raxx
FACTION: Independent
RANK: Bounty Hunter
AGE: 40
HEIGHT: 5'11"/1.8m
WEIGHT: 170lbs/77kg

Klied has a lean and rugged appearance, marked by many scars from various animals and other injuries across his torso and limbs. He has short black hair, blue eyes and an unshaven face. He has a peculiar taste in clothing, preferring to wear almost exclusively furs and leathers taken from his own kills, making him appear very distinct when not in the wilder areas of the galaxy.

Although his upbringing has left him somewhat standoffish and awkward around people, Klied is very caring and loyal to those he views as friends. He possesses a genuine love and deep respect of the natural world and all its creatures and has a natural talent for getting inside the minds of non-sentient beings and understanding their behavior and movements. In addition, his lifestyle has made him very athletic and honed his perception to near Force-sensitive levels, making him extremely difficult to catch off-guard.

Although he is not particularly introverted Klied has trouble communicating with others, and often keeps his responses to people short and direct. He is uncomfortable in highly populated areas, preferring the wilderness to civilization. In truth his feelings on civilization as a whole are quite apathetic, as he views his own lifestyle as more natural and fulfilling. Some might even view his certainty in his beliefs as arrogant or condescending. This of course does not prevent him from working with others, as he can be very professional when dedicated to a task. When dealing with animals he is much more comfortable and can easily gain the trust of more docile creatures. He also likes to talk to animals when he believes no one is watching him.

Klied was born in Onderon’s capital city of Iziz in 106 ABY. Being the child of two wealthy aristocrats he was expected to live a lavish and opulent lifestyle. His life’s course changed very early on though when his parents were killed in a starship crash when he was only three years old. His care fell to his only living blood relative, his uncle Odo. Odo was a pariah to the aristocracy he was born from, seen as a madman by many. While he was in truth rather eccentric, he was simply an avid survivalist who took the philosophy of self-reliance very seriously. He made it his life’s mission to impart his knowledge and skills to his nephew, something Klied took to with gusto. He grew up traveling the galaxy with Odo, learning to survive not only in the harsh jungles of Onderon but in the countless environs of a myriad of wild planets. From the deserts of Jakku to the frigid mountains of Rhen Var there was no climate Klied was not taught how to flourish in. He was taught to track and hunt game as well, something that gave him a deep respect for all wildlife. Unfortunately, this lifestyle of placing themselves in highly dangerous environments eventually came back to bite them. Klied and his uncle traveled to Tatooine hoping to hunt and slay an infamous krayt dragon, but in the end Odo was killed and Klied barely escaped with his life. This event shook him greatly, as he had never come so close to death before, and he had lost not only his father-figure but one of a very small number of people he considered his friends. Even so he has not given up his uncle’s philosophy, using his family wealth to continue traveling the galaxy, exploring new frontiers and hunting dangerous game. Sometimes he has sold his services to other wealthy tourists seeking to hunt big game or spend a few weeks in the “uncivilized world” but after several years alone has begun to yearn for someone else that shares in his beliefs.

(After Rank-Up) Ever seeking a greater challenge as a hunter Klied eventually turned to bounty hunting, falling in with the likes of a former pit fighter named Poffo Sauvage. While putting his hunting skills to use against sentient targets has proven very effective, he still harbors some personal conflict over this new profession, privately feeling that his uncle would not approve. As a result he is extremely picky about what contracts he will and will not take.

Klied is a very experienced and skilled survivalist, tracker and hunter. His finely attuned senses have made it easy for him to track and kill his prey as well as understand how to interact with wildlife without drawing their ire. He feels at home in almost every wild place in the galaxy, easily able to camouflage himself or build a shelter and find the necessities to survive. He knows how to cook, how to make clothing from his kills, and is versed with multiple types of hunting blasters.

(After Rank-Up) Although he still has some reservations about killing sentients, and makes a point to only hunt targets he believes "Have it coming", he has found much less difficulty in killing intelligent life forms than he did in the past.

Wears self-made furs and leathers, Maalraas Hide Armor (obtained in thread There's More than One Way to Skin a Cat) Cycler Rifle, durasteel hunting knife, Westar-55 Heavy Blaster Pistol (obtained in thread Fish in a Barrel)

The Black Drexl -- Crusader II-class corvette

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Jalir T'lol - A smalltime crime boss formerly operating on Coruscant (Captured Alive)
Mil Ro - A former associate of the T'lol gang and chop shop owner (Captured Dead)
Brag Tyllon - A hitman and former associate of the T'lol gang (Captured Dead)
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