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Dec 12, 2019
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Juntag Firm:
Many Worlds, One Heart

Formed by a pair of Duros doctors, Fel and Oona Juntag, the Juntag Firm is non-profit organization committed to providing medical assistance wherever it is truly needed. Though small, they are sincere and passionate in their work, and have a sterling reputation with all the communities they serve. While the Firm began as a recruitment and funding platform for young doctors, it’s primary focus now is helping those doctors connect with grants and placement, providing resources and supplies as funding allows. They also maintain a handful of permanent clinics throughout the galaxy, including at the home office on Chandrilla. Even though their humanitarian efforts are highly regarded, they operate on a very thin resources and with no end of planets in need of their help. This has unfortunately made them the butt of a few jokes in the core when it comes to canvassing, and charity drives.

It’s founders spent their young adult life as missionaries of a sort, traveling to the mid and outer rim, dedicated to the belief that all sentients deserve access to medicine. Once the Juntag family grew too big for their modest medical freighter, they established an office on Chandrilla in 113 ABY, and the Juntag Firm was born. It started small, and remains so today, but the good work they do has helped them maintain enough support to stay afloat.

Very limited. They own no other property than the tiny offices and clinic on Chandrilla; and all outer world clinics are considered to be leased from the resident community. One of the few honest humanitarian organizations in the galaxy, they have remained as such by funneling all their resources right back into the communities they serve. They receive limited grants from the Free World Alliance, and otherwise subsist on private donations. While they certainty have attracted large donations from the unscrupulous, the only benefit it confers is a PR boost for the autocrat or crime lord in question. As all these credits go right back into helping the needy, the Juntag firm does not vet its patrons. The entire advisory board is pro-bono, and consists mostly of former firm physicians that have moved on to more lucrative practices.


Chair: Teho Juntag (npc)​
Advisory Board:​
Fanta Bliss(npc)​
Oossan Juntag- @Oossan Juntag
Folic Van (npc)​
Estrod Nurbuu (npc)​
Cal Onata (npc)​
Alvi Choriish (npc)​

*Any PC is welcome to be affiliated with this organization or use the in threads and plots in any way consistent with their write up.

To create a small but sincere humanitarian organization to be used freely by all players, and flesh out lore for my PC @Oossan Juntag


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May 19, 2013
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Seems like a neat and different take on your average swrp org. Approved as an NPC organization.