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Site Changes & Information

From beyond the edges of known space, a new threat has emerged. After the fall of several neutral and Imperial border worlds, the Holonet began colloquially referring to these invaders as "Mind-Breakers" because of their method of gaining soldiers and warriors. Although no one has ever seen one of these Mind-Breakers personally and has a free will to tell about it, they are thought to be the mysterious force behind the attacks.

Known to swoop in on worlds without warning and seize soldiers and civilians alike, these captives are only seen again when they appear bearing arms for their former captors. Men and women of all walks of life, all ranks, and all skills find themselves subjected to the singular will of the Mind-Breakers. Although some survivors may remain on conquered worlds, most communications are jammed leaving them isolated on a world in flames.

Several event threads have been launched and have concluded, with characters from all factions stepped up to the plate to stop their schemes. Bonus credits for event participants have been distributed. This evasion will usher a 10 year timeskip, moving the timeline forward.

Current Story Updates

General Time Update
  • It has been 500 years since the Battle of Coruscant (ABC)
Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

PVP Updates

Wins and Losses
(CPvP NOT included)

  • Six guests (@Tagal Saxon, @Skuld Stark, @Uhtred Wardruna, @Zarya, @Eithni Vala, @Magnus Hammerhand) were invited to The Herald's castle where they were invited to stay forever. Though Magnus decided not to follow dinner rules (and paid for it with his life), the others were invited to make their way through the castle where they encountered creatures that could only be made by the dark side. The guests managed to escape the castle when The Herald left his home, the dark magic keeping them trapped and sustaining the creatures no longer a threat.
  • @Raz Solus @Darth Victress @Sunverkh Jhess @Levi Solus showed up to stop the local Wookies from being driven mad. After a slow start that saw the Wookies in the nearby village driven mad beyond help, they forced their way into the lab where they confronted the source of the terrorizing madness; two captured starweirds. They managed to kill both starweirds and the scientist experimenting on them to rid the world of the threat.
  • An undead witch and her controlled horde attacked an Ithorian village and the Jedi within. The horde overwhelmed a hospital and almost overran an orphanage before being stopped the Jedi (@Teran Atrix @Zex Vric @Alexander Ayers). While this was happening, the Jedi Leader @Arda Breaux fought the witch and defeated her. The town was left all but destroyed with only several people being saved.
  • The Collector came to Alderaan to... collect, bringing an army of abominations along with for children to capture and an artifact to possess. @Eisa Swan @Irma Kinton @Donny and @Howl stood in defense. Donny was ripped in half by an abomination, but the others were able to give a good fight. The Collector in the end does leave with an orb artifact in his possession, his main goal accomplished.
  • The Promised arrived on Dathomir to perform a ritual with the planet's moons twisted aligned. Mandalorians @Solone Wren @Narir Solus and the @Birdmando came to put a stop to it. For the most part, the ritual was disrupted, with heavy power killing off most of the mutated Rancors she had, her own Wretched becoming beserk for a time, and her own lightsaber wielded Zealots killed by the Mandos. But she does not leave empty handed, with her escaping with one mutant rancor and the Wretched in tow.
  • On Shu-Torun @Levi Solus and @Elix Lorso defeated @Sarla Malvern and @Arsenio Ulgo after Sarla took nasty blaster bolt hits and Arsenio was able to make a quick getaway carrying her away.

PLEASE NOTE: If you did not report your kill, capture or knockout in the Newsletter Submissions thread it may be missing from this months newsletter.

These characters are now Level 3:

  1. @Skuld Stark
These characters have ranked up:
  1. @Aadya Drast has ranked up to Sith Empress!
  2. @Alysanne Drast has ranked up to Jedi Master!
  3. @Crix Dolan has ranked up to Jedi Knight!
  4. @Vesper T'Rahm has ranked up to Jedi Knight!
  5. @Levi Solus has ranked up to Jedi Padawan!
  6. @Aila Roas has ranked up to Jedi Padawan!

If your character was missed please send a PM to @Dread and she'll add it!

Plot and Events Updates

Completed Player Plots

Honor of Durasteel
Skuld Stark achieved the rank of Jarl of Clan Stark, but has to kill her father, the old Jarl, to succeed honorably. She then had to defend her home from a rogue band of Deucalian marauders and outcasts that wanted Clan Stark's resources.

Hardest of Choices
Parox tracked down a gauntlet dark side artifact dating back from the First Sith era, Tagus killed him and took it and then killed his Jedi wife to keep the gauntlet and his path within the Sith.

Big Badger is Watching
For slicing into the holonet center on Boz Pity the Mandalorians will have acquired intel for the faction and then will forward to the Bounty Hunter's Guild.

Borstal Boogaloo
Aeron set out to meet a connection to the Decalians and earn some extra money and he accomplished both.

Hey, I Stole It First
Struggled but ultimately successful, Arda, Tycho and Brent steal some mining equipment and bring it to Mimban.

How I Met Your Mawvorr
Kodee and friends were able to pick up the Mawvorr and sell them as intended after several mishaps

Double Trouble
Through the trials of taking on the narliest of criminals Aadya and Zandrali earn a ”Lullaby” Heavy Blaster Pistol as well the knowledge of the arts the night sister's magic.

Gift of the Bendu
Grandmaster Arda successfully completes the trials, growing in the process, from the Bendu and gifts her with the Gift of the Bendu.

Plausible Deniablity
Tasha gains control of Two Outlaw Tech Weapons Production Warehouses while Gil obtains one Disruptor as payment.

Retrieving Stolen Goods
The goods are successfully returned to the businessman and the GA gains access to supplies on the grounds that Tycho returns to take care of any Smugglers that may cause problems.

Wisdom of the Ossein
Irma located the asteroid which her ancestor was based out of back in the day, and found a datatape that contained a message from Eice, as well as information on the location of Agorax.

Many Bothans
With a combination of diplomatic wits and blackmail, the Galactic Alliance gains Bothawai as part of the Galactic Alliance.

Eyes Opened Wide
The plan was in motion to raid an Imperial Republica camp, but Aila was captured. Interrogated, she was kept aboard a dungeon ship until Devrim arrived with Phaeda cell, freeing her and those aboard. While the overall mission failed, Aila still eventually linked up with the Alliance and will formally join.

Important IC News

State of the Galactic Alliance

The great galactic war seems to be slowing down for everyone, probably part of war fatigue, however when the mindbreaker threat started to appear the Jedi were quick to stand up and show them the door, such as at Ithor and a Jedi opennly appearing on Alderaan to defend the innocent.

Bothawai is now under the GA, bringing in the Bothan SpyNet as a resource to the Rebels.

Where the Galactic Alliance goes next, especially with recent events remains to be seen.

State of the Sith Empire

The Emperor in Paradise show has concluded, and brought in a lot of ratings, with the winner being @Aadya Drast! But unfortunately Emperor Rask wasn't able to enjoy finding his love for long, as the Mindbreakers came home and took Korriban from the Sith. Emperor Rask stood in defense and killed their overwhelmingly powerful leader, but however Varyn died in the process and still the Sith homeworld fell to the enemy.

With Korriban evacuated, the future of the Sith is in the air but @Aadya Drast is now the Empress of the Sith. With the Mindbreakers threat now revealed to the galaxy and the Sith homeworld taken, what will happen in the near future is in question.

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