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Feb 13, 2012
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"Credits. Yeah I got credits: a new K-4 Series and a penthouse flat on the Canto waterfront. All the credits ain't worth frack. You play this game for power. The power to get things done; to make big decisions; to affect things. You make a holo call, and the next thing you know, you're telling the president of Corellia that he'd better play it your way, or he's history. That's why you play. That's why I'm with this game."

~ Julia Hipori

Julia Hipori, was a human female businesswoman and CEO of the Czerka Imperial Holdings & Trading Corporation. Having served in several roles, she was an influential and powerful woman in the political and corporate arena. Previously, she served as Secretary of Intergalactic Affairs and Governor of Lahsbane within the Independent Systems Consortium, whilst sitting on the board of the corporate giant, Blackwell Technologies, a position she retained for a considerable period of her professional career. She has also served as a C-Suite Executive at the Systech Corporation and later became its majority shareholder - around the same time, she co-founded a logistics firm with ISC President Thorne.

Prior to her entry into politics, she had a successful career with Blackwell, during which time she married (and remains married to) her second husband, businessman Sebastian Hipori. Later life saw her take a keener interest in Imperial politics, and she liquidated her holdings in Blackwell and her investments in a logistics firm. Using the capital to cement a position for herself in 'Imperial Czerka', which had been spun off from the central Czerka Corporation, Julia became CEO and a minority shareholder of the company shortly after the commencement of the reign of Emperor Drast.


In such a vast and expansive galaxy, a place of force-wielding warriors and much more, the most dangerous people often come from the most minor expected locations. Julia could perhaps be considered one of those people; beginning her career as a young woman on Corellia, she was to follow in her parent's footsteps and head into the Blackwell Corporation via one of its academies. Starting out as a little more than a low-level executive in their Security Division, Julia learned quickly that the world of intergalactic business is just as cruel and heartless as the holo-movies say, and, armed with that knowledge, she was to make something of a name for herself.

At her parents' suggestion, she remained in the Security Division of Blackwell, where her family had worked for much of their lives. Over the first few years of her career, she would work mainly in the counterintelligence branch of the division, developing a range of skills in the cybersecurity field, which placed her in good stead to advance up the corporate ladder.

Within the first few years, she was able to secure herself a promotion and was soon running her own jobs on behalf of the Corp, during which time she leaf multiple operations against rival companies, so-called 'off the books' deals that saw her carrying out what effectively amounted to corporate hits on rivals. It was in this position that she excelled even further; her method of doing things, a brain rather than brawn approach, set her out amongst the others in the branch, and as such, she was well placed to take up a position of Corporate Vice-President when the opportunity presented itself. Ascending to such a position, Julia quickly realised the 'dog-eat-dog' way of doing things was much more prevalent at this level, with far higher stakes. She was in her element, and Julia set to work, making as much money and a big name for herself as possible.

Shortly after the formation of the ISC, Julia was caught up in a gang dispute, which saw armed gunmen attempt to assassinate her (as a supplier to a rival group). Unprepared and unable to fend for herself, as a result, she barely survived and took it upon herself to ensure that she would never be so vulnerable again and started taking an assortment of self-defence classes, which she has kept going to to this day.

Around this time, she was headhunted into the ISC itself to become a Governor of one of their worlds, Lahsbane, and then soon after, Secretary for Intergalactic Affairs. Upon becoming Secretary, she resigned as a member of the Blackwell's Corporate Team and assumed a Non-Executive Director position instead.

She stepped down from her political positions a few years later, returning to a career in business. She was approached by the Systech Corporation, eager to expand on the talent they held on their books. Julia was the prime target with a background in corporate skullduggery and a long list of connections in the political world.

Remaining with Blackwell, she took an additional position with the Adrenals corporation on Quesh, tasked with expanding it and driving profits for its shareholders. A step back into the corporate world was one Julia greatly needed; having grown bored of making a killing delivering speeches about ‘intergalactic politics’ to rooms of bankers or consulting for hefty fees, she wanted back in at the top - and courtesy of Systech, that was precisely what she got.

Back into the cutthroat world of corporate greed, she got to work.

Spending an extended period working with Systech to broaden their market share, she eventually took a controlling stake in the firm. Working in this capacity for several years, Julia was enticed over to the Empire following the ascension of Emperor Drast. She became CEO of the Czerka Imperial Holdings & Trading Corporation, otherwise known as 'Imperial Czerka'. Liquidating her holdings in Blackwell, she took a minority stake in Imperial Czerka and took the CEO position on the same day.

Personality and Traits

Julia was a hard-working and keenly intelligent human with great cybersecurity knowledge. Perhaps somewhat stereotypically for operators within the corporate world, Julia was a no-nonsense person, dealing with the universe calmly and pragmatically - constantly weighing the opportunity cost and seeking to advance her aims and those of the Corporation itself. Always appearing well dressed (whilst remaining in line with the Corps guidelines), she was a cold and influential member of the Corporate elite.

A practical woman, Julia relied on the cold hard facts that would enable her to carry the day. Likewise, she was morally grey when it came to the business in general, having little worry about who her client was in so long as they paid on time and in full. To that end, she kept her options open when dealing with new business and was willing to supply, assist and support anyone, provided it benefited her and the Corp to do so.

Being a woman more at home in the boardroom than in the battlefield, she had the basic training provided to all Blackwell Security Division employees. She was a nifty shot with a blaster pistol and reasonably handy with a knife to boot. She was loath to travel unprepared and made sure to carry a hold-out and a knife with her at all times. Her training was augmented from her pocket later in life, and she undertook weekly Teras Kasi lessons.

Courtesy of her positions in various senior business roles, she has a good knowledge of Corporate politics. She has been through their advanced cybersecurity training, thus understanding how to slice computer and security systems if she has the correct equipment. Very much a 'company person’, she is always on the move and is adept at travelling light and integrating with local communities when she comes across them.

Equipment & Assets
Despite her humble upbringing, Julia is at the top of the Corporate game and a wealthy and influential woman. Having spent years on the board of the Blackwell Corporation, first as Chief Operating Officer and then as Chief Product Officer, she has made a fortune over the course of her career. Complimented by her long career in the corporate world, followed by a stint as a politician, she reaps a sizable income from her current corporate positions, investments and speaking fees - to put it mildly, she has a considerable fortune, with strong political and corporate connections which, combined, make her a formidable player in the galactic scene.

Owing to her position as CEO of a significant Imperial supplier and corporation, she is always escorted by a personal HK-87 droid which serves as her bodyguard, usually armed with a E-11d blaster rifle.

When 'on the move', she makes use of a motorcade, which sees her speeder escorted by four 11-4K Viper Probe Droids.

Julia takes her security exceptionally seriously, and when she does appear 'in person' and additions to her security personnel will be shown in her opening post. She is quite capable of defending herself, with martial arts training, as well as two enhanced cybernetic arms outfitted with 2.5ft long acklay blades.
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