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Jan 10, 2014
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Jenna Inabe

I was born on Chandrila to a family of merchants and doctors. We sought to help people wherever we go, from giving them the best deals to the finest healthcare to those who needed it...even if it came out of our pocket from time to time. But such actions gained us some friends both in the market place and within some areas of the political arena...or at least that’s how my uncle put it. I never put much thought into it as a child, I simply enjoyed helping my mother with her merchant negotiations and my father with his clinic. Don’t get me wrong when I say the following but, while I enjoyed all that I had become restless. I wanted to see beyond the clinic, beyond the market, beyond the spaceport, Kriff I wanted to see what was beyond the gravity of Chandrila. I was a normal kid at that point, till I turned 7 and my latent Force Sensitivity came up.

It happened on my birthday, sure was a surprise to everyone but the Jedi Knight Warwick Django. He explained to my parents what was going on, that it was normal and an extraordinary gift I about a birthday huh? He offered to take me under his wing as a Padawan, teach me how to harness and control my abilities. My parents ultimately left it up to me, and given my want to know what was beyond the planet...I chose to go. Master Warwick said that usually he’d take me to Ajan Kloss for training. But Master Warwick wasn’t your average Jedi, as he had a...shall we say “unique” take on training Jedi. He preferred an unorthodox version of training at a very early age and exposure to the Galaxy at large to get them used to moving about and conducting missions for the Order. Needless to say it was a fun experience save for the times we were ambushed by slavers. All I can say is that I finally understand why Jedi, healers and guardians, carried weapons in this lawless part of the Galaxy...and why I trained hard with both the blaster and most importantly with the Lightsaber. However, proudly enough, I found my niche as a healer and seeker of new Force Sensitives. I followed in my parents and Master Warwick’s Footsteps, becoming a Jedi who served as a healer of the sick-both for people and if requested planets-and a recruiter of new children into the Order.

By the time I turned 18 my training had basically been completed. I was given the choice of either returning to my family and living out my days in peace or joining the Order as an official knight. By the time I had completed my training I had changed. No longer was a child who was blissfully unaware of the harsh outside Galaxy, I had seen the pain. I had seen the suffering, and I had the strength to help those who could not help themselves. Needless to say the choice was natural for me: I took the knee and was knighted. That was three years ago and I haven’t looked back since...

Inabe is a humanitarian first and foremost, trying to find the good in every person she encounters and doing her best to help. However, through her time with Jedi Warwick Django, she has a realist side to her as a balance for the Humanitarian. While trying to see the good, she knows that its not found in all and she will have to defend herself. She's a sucker for spicy foods as a result from her time with Django, that along with a high sense of discipline when it comes to martial matters.

While she is skilled with the Lightsaber, and the Blaster, Inabe's skill in the Force-namely her abilities in Force Healing and Buried Presence-is almost prodigy which allows her to operate without any sinister agents interfering her attempts to heal and help. She tends to be a little shaky when piloting a ship but she can do well when the situation calls for it.

Skills & Abilities

Inabe is one of many Knights trained in both the Force and the Lightsaber. However, her abilities are far more superior (particularly when it comes to concealing her presence in the Force) in the former while the latter is competent enough to get her out of a scrape (Her prefered form being Souresu or Form III). Her other skills range from medicine to competently piloting a ship to get her from a to b. She is a skilled diplomat in terms of negotiation and Medicine.


(Hidden from sight)
(Hidden from sight)
SE-45 Blaster
TUG-B13 "Quadjumper" Spacetug

To create a Jedi NPC that may be the catalyst for Rowa to either be pushed further into the Dark Side or redeem him into the light. NPC Can be used by members of the Jedi Order with permission from Owner [Me]

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