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Mar 10, 2012
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.............(/Em - ril/).........................(/Ah - oov - rit - tar/)​
Iymril Auvryt'tar
Sith Champion during the Force Eternal Timeline

Essential information

Iymril is Sephi Sith Champion that was born on Thustra. They appear to be in their late twenties to early thirties. They stand at seven feet and one inch tall, and weigh two hundred and five to two hundred and ten pounds with a slender build. Their skin is light purple, with long straight white hair, and brilliant ruby red eyes. They are a trained Force Sensitive with a focus and interest in the arcane.

Iymril was born on Thustra into the noble house of Auvryt’tar. With their Force prowess manifesting at an early age, Iymril’s father utilized his family’s considerable resources to find his child a tutor. Unfortunately for the house, this tutor was a Sith cultist in hiding.

Iymril was taught to control and hide their presence and ability in the Force, as their father wanted. But they were also lured into deeper study of the Dark Side with their secret Master. This caused a thirst for knowledge to awaken within the child, something that only intensified as they grew older.

Eventually, Iymril’s master revealed their intentions to return to the Sith Order and offered them a place within the Sith. Iymril graciously accepted and alongside their Master consolidated their family’s wealth, eliminated them, and abandoned their now destitute and leaderless House. Freed from the bonds of responsibility, family, and morality Iymril was finally able to decide their own fate.

Which they exercised immediately.

When the Sith ship landed on Umbara, only Iymril exited. What happened to their Master remains a mystery but their understanding of the Dark Side had deepened. Now, the Sephi Sorcerer looks to continue expanding their knowledge; freed from the constraints of morality.

Skills & hobbies

Sith Sorcery. Iymril was taught the art of Sith Sorcery by their former Master. They are an accomplished Sorcerer with an unnatural finesse when utilizing the Dark Side.

Sign Casting. It was Iymril’s Master’s opinion that Sith had outgrown the need for lightsabers. Instead, Iymril was taught the near forgotten art of Sign Casting to complement their focus on Force prowess.

Alchemy. Primarily focused on the creation of Sith Abominations. Before acquiring Xargeth’s Words of Alchemy this was blind research. Now, Iymril has a basis to build their alchemical formulas from and a deeper understanding.

Sewing. Every being has their hobbies, Iymril is no different. They prefer to make their own clothing and harshly judge the creations of other, lesser, tailors.

Assets & inventory

Gymsnor-3 Light Freighter
Arcane Tome
Bled Kyber Earrings
Hand sewn silk robes

Xargeth's Words of Alchemy


Positive opinion | Neutral opinion | Negative opinion

Zira Suvan | Slave
Vander/Corax | Tentative Ally
Darth Arcanos | Superior
Trael | Superior
Vossari | Superior
Caerllion | Superior
Trodai | Acquaintance
Kyssiara | Student
Carmine | Student
Ahriman | Student


Thule Manor
Korriban Nook
Zira Suvan

Tenured Professor - Korriban Academy
Contract with Arakyd Industries
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Mar 10, 2012
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