Hutt Cartel Newsletter 14.12.15


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Feb 13, 2012
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Hello Loyal Scum of the Cartel, and welcome to the newsletter for the second week of December! Now, as we all come off work, school, college, and University - and with the end of this timeline (TL) fast approaching, the factional leadership team will be trying to be on hand for as long as can to help you get your missions and plans underway so we can get on and go out of this TL with style!

Therefore, we have a few announcements to make!


As you can see here, we have a few missions being planned to throw the Cartel back into the mix! Lana Skywalker has recently fallen into the greedy paws of the Hutts, however the Jedi and the Sith are both trying to get her, for whatever purpose they have in mind. So, head on over and sign uyp to those missions so we can keep the Skywalker in the possession of the Hutt Cartel!

As was announced last week, the Bounties (Easy ones!) are now open to Indie Characters, so do not forget to head on over and sign-up, and Pheonix will be on hand to approve your sign-ups here! New Bounty ideas can be PM'ed to me, or added to our ideas thread.

As the days go buy, I see more and more people coming out with ideas as to what they want to be seeing the Cartel do, so please do not hesitate to let us know what you want to see around here. Either PM me, or post in the ideas thread!

@Livgardist @Phœnix anything we should add?​
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