Restricted Ship Glaive - Blastboat


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Dec 1, 2015
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Glaive - Blastboat

Open Market

Kuat Drive Yards


Attack Craft
Blockade runner

Quadanium and Transparisteel

26.6 meters (without shield)
53 meters (with shield)

1 Pilot
1 Astromech or co-pilot


5 tons


1 week

The Glaive has a top speed of 70 / 90 MGLT
sluggish / decent maneuvering characteristics

  • 1x Heavy Laser Cannons
  • 1x Heavy Ion Cannons
  • 1x Warhead Launcher (3x projectiles in magazine)



"They say the original commissioner was some kark-smart smuggler. The rest of it after that is heresay I say. It'll be another ten credits ta here the rest..." - Spacer

Over the centuries there have been times where people need fast ships. Sometimes it can become so frequent that the a ship design was commissioned for some unknown smuggler. However the ship designer didn't make a single vessel. Somehow a major manufacturer got their hands on the design and began producing more of them. The demand for this type of vessel did fit a certain niche so it is overall not a common vessel to this day though they can often be found in the hands of smugglers, bounty hunters, or some military groups.

The first thing most people notice about the Glaive class blastboat is its large wing. This is in fact not a wing at all but rather a massive specially designed Shield for the Glaive affectionately named "Blockade Shield". It's toughness is tantamount to the toughest of capital starship hulls. The need for a tough and fast ship was needed to weather the heavy weapon systems of planetary blockades or ferocious defense systems. The shield can withstand turbo laser cannons to a limited degree but even that is more than most other ships can say. The shield after being damaged can be detached fairly easily from the cockpit controls. The same connection that holds the shield can also have a class A cargo container mounted in place of a shield. Some people may have seen a Glaive blastboat and not even realized it since these days plenty have never had a dispensed shield replaced. Considering the cost of a new shield is nearly as much as buying a brand new starship it can make others opt to utilize the ship without one.

Designed for short confrontation with hostile force, the Glaive class blastboat is not ideal for dogfights and can be outmaneuvered by small craft. Instead the ship is designed for fast straight away breaks to and from planetary bodies. Its forward facing weapons are limited by how well the ship can get behind their targets but it makes up for it in blasting power which could make even a capital ship flinch and make smaller craft try to get out of the way. However if the Glaive can fire on a target hat usually means that they can also fire on it.

Pilots will notice a significant difference in vessel performance with and without the blockade shield. First and foremost the speed of the ship makes it faster than most light freighters. Secondly what is normally sluggish maneuvering becomes on par with most other ships of its size though it is still outmatched by most starfighters.

The limited cargo capacity is far below what other light freighters and even other blastboats can carry. The cargo stowage in the ship is meant to also double as additional passenger though it is common for changes to be made permanently by incorporating seats. Otherwise the passengers are forced to stand in fairly uncomfortable compartments. Since the original design was meant for a smuggler, it is surprisingly customizable. Bounty hunters often turn the cargo area into prisoner holding. Pirates tend to add an backup hyperdrive should they take the risk of a preemptive hyperspace jump to escape authorities.

Heavily regulated. These ships are either associated with criminal elements or highly regulated military organizations. For this reason they are heavily regulated in civilized sectors of space.

A small ship that can act as a "blockade runner" and be a personally owned ship since corvettes and other 'blockade runners' aren't available to be owned by an individual character. Plus I really want to see a cool unqiue and also new design that lends itself to the star wars universe.

Rare compared to even other blastboats this ship and associated 'shield' are hard to come by. The ship itself can be acquired still though finding a ship with an intact blockade shield should be considered very difficult.